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“I just wanted the book to be over.” ~ Under the Covers

We all have that book we’ve wanted to read for ages because EVERYONE seems to recommend it. This was it for me. I was so excited to finally read it because quite frankly, at least 10 people I know have talked about it and told me it was the best book ever and that I would cry rivers. I was in a “I want to cry” mood. This? Not it.

From page 1 we know that we are dealing with a married couple, they live a 24/7 Master/Slave relationship. And the husband is dying. *cue my heart breaking and preparing for a rough ride* What I wasn’t expecting was the “mechanical arrangement” he decides to force on his best friend of a lifetime. He needs someone to take over his position as his wife’s Dom. Without a Dom she can turn into a basket case. And he worried about her safety and her life after he’s gone.

Knowing he will die gives him time to get his friend and his wife accustomed to the idea that they will be each other’s life after he’s gone. And gives him the peace of mind.

What a bizarre concept! But I could put that aside and kept reading. The more I read, the more I got annoyed. Leah is a deeply troubled person. She needs the pain aspect of BDSM to release her emotional hang ups. To the point that if she doesn’t get it or doesn’t find emotional release in some way, she may hurt herself. As in hide the knives from her and constantly watch to see if she cried it out. I felt like at least 50% of this book is spent on suicide watch.

Then there’s the romance aspect. Seth is the best friend that has to now become involved in his buddies marriage. Obviously he has issues with it but has an open mind to see how he can do this for his friend. I could totally understand his point.

There are things about Seth and Leah’s relationship that rubbed me the wrong way. There were things about Kaden and Leah’s relationship that rubbed me the wrong way. And quite frankly, I had to push myself to finish reading this because I was determined to not let it be a DNF book. Maybe there was hope in the end?

I guess I should’ve known better. When the big ugly cry moment comes, I didn’t even shed a tear. Yes, it’s sad but I was not connected with the characters at point enough to care. I just wanted the book to be over.

To be honest, I’m not sure I’ll give the author another try.

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  1. THANK YOU!!! I know so many that adore this book with a passion. I agree with many of your points. I also found it really annoying that the author used “Dude” way, way, way too much. The more I learn about BDSM from people that live it and study it, the more I find Leah needs immersive psychological care. I thought the story contrived to hit emotional hot buttons and many parts irritated me. Again, why must the submissive woman be treated like a child?
    I just don’t get the fan following for this book, however that is also what makes the world interesting is we all like and are different.

  2. I haven’t read this as yet but it’s on my tbr pile…like you this book was highly recommended to me by many and they all gushed about it, thanks for sharing your thoughts on it Francesca very much appreciated

  3. Ugh….I was considering this book but put it off because I thought it was going to be like this…now I know…thank you francesca!

  4. Thanks for the review, I hadn’t heard of this book but after reading your review it’s not something I would want to read.