“THE PROTECTED nailed everything I love about this genre!” ~Under the Covers

I’ve been fascinated with the concept of this series for a while now.  Psychic paranormal romance, people with mental powers….right up my alley.  Some books in this series, I admit, I like more than others.  But THE PROTECTED nailed everything I love about this genre!

This book had intrigue, action, betrayal, sensual tension.  Did I mention the cool superpowers?  And a kid.  I love kids in stories!  They bring the whole thing together!!!

Gus has been protecting his nephew, Alex, for years.  His sister left him in charge of caring for her son, who happens to be the child of a bad man.  And the reason he’s protecting him is because Alex is beyond powerful and his father wants him.  He’s been on the run for a while, changing towns, changing names, being careful.

Until he starts liking the neighbor across the street.  Little does he know that Vaughnne is there on assignment to protect the kid.

Again, this story was just perfect!  Action packed, with a story that kept me intrigued and interested.  Pulse pounding sexual chemistry between Gus and Vaughnne.  I couldn’t have asked for more from Ms. Walker.  I hope to see much more from this series in the future!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I haven’t read this series yet, but I love the idea of blending psychic with suspense. Sounds like you enjoyed it too.