“…it was a long and plodding read, with a heroine I didn’t really like and a choppy narrative.”
~ Under the Covers

Princess Sondra doesn’t believe in magic, logic and reason are more than enough to explain the mysteries of the world. However, her family and the people of her kingdom still persist in believing no matter how much she reasons with them. But, she is beginning to rethink her previously held beliefs…being turned into a dragon can do that to a girl. Fleeing from her family and her almost-fiancee in her new dragon body she finds herself in the lair of Tolmac, the fearsome and legendary dragon the people in her kingdom fear. Tolmac teaches Sondra far more than magic when he takes her under his wing. But will her love for him be enough when he realises she is a human?

I really wanted to like this book and I fully expected to, after all it had dragons, magic and a misunderstood heroine. That’s not what happened. Instead, it was a long and plodding read, with a heroine I didn’t really like and a choppy narrative.  It was a shame, because I liked the idea of the princess who doesn’t believe in magic being turned into a magical creature; a dragon. Sadly, the idea alone wasn’t enough for me to enjoy it.

It started out fairly well, but about halfway through, the book seemed to abruptly change from a romance to battles and politics with Tolmac and Sondra largely forgotten about. I like it when a romance has more than just a romance within the story, however, it was the clumsy and sudden transition that I didn’t like.

There were also some story threads that didn’t get tied up. But, it may be that this happens in the next book in the series. Unfortunately I don’t plan to read on further in this series so I will never find out! I am glad this wasn’t my first book from Trombley as it was disappointing. If you want to give her work a try, I highly recommend you pick up the Iriduan Test Subject instead, it’s a great alien sci fi romance series.


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