“Perfect office romance with enemies to lovers vibe.”

~ Under the Covers

Sometimes all you need or want is a quick novella that has just a touch of the holidays. Well, you can’t go wrong with Whitney G. She knows how to write novellas so well and always adding a dash of hot jerk heroes. Not always the same amount of jerk which is maybe why this didn’t end up being one of my favorites by her. Although I still recommend it.

Cocky boss and sassy employee. I loved the banter and relationship between these two. Somehow in just a short amount of pages and without knowing them I was fully on board with their romance and liked them instantly. See my previous commend about Whitney G knowing how to write novellas! Perfect office romance with enemies to lovers vibe.

This book had some funny moments, and some a bit over the top. The pacing was a bit wonky but I still read this in one sitting. Since I know what to expect from these novellas, it delivered what it needed to. And it was fun and entertaining.

You know the drill… if you like jerk heroes read Whitney G.

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