“I’ll call this a ghost story with a secondary romance.”

~ Under the Covers

This book was recommended to me by a friend on GoodReads and a haunted house story seemed like the perfect book to pick up in October. I’m all for seasonal reads, you know that!

Levi moves into a house he inherited that needs some work, all after his previous boyfriend cheats on him and he’s ready for a new beginning. He quickly finds out he’s not the only one in the house and maybe not all ghosts are friendly.

Blue runs a local ghost tour and Levi has been fascinated by him and crushing on him, so a possible ghost in his house is the perfect opportunity to connect.

This is a surprisingly sweet story. What I like to call a paranormal light. There’s a nice dose of humor and lovable characters that carried this story for me for the most part. Blue is a bit of a tortured hero with a backstory that instantly made me care for him. And the lightness in Levi balanced that nicely. The mystery was a nice addition to the story but I can’t say it’s a big reveal, felt pretty easy to figure out.

While I loved both characters individually and I enjoyed exploring the paranormal aspect of the house and the ghosts, I didn’t quite fully connect with the romance. Maybe it’s because of the slow burn. But the romance wasn’t the main thing for me in this one.

If you are looking for a haunted house story that is not so scary and will make you laugh at times too, then give this one a try. I’ll call this a ghost story with a secondary romance.

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