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The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston

paranormal romance

The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston

Pride #1
September 25, 2007

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  • Shifter romance
  • Paranormal romantic comedy
  • Childhood crush

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Mace Llewellyn, of the Llewellyn Pride, has had a crush on Desiree MacDermot, Bronx human girl, since they were teenagers and attended the same school. He was the geeky guy, she was the “ghetto” girl that sometimes didn’t fit in with the rich crowd. But it’s been so long since he’s seen her, he’s gone and become a NAVY SEAL, and now that he’s retiring and has decided to settle back in New York, and open a “shifter security” business with his best friend Smitty, he has decided to find Dez and make her his. Even though that’s not the way of the Pride. He was not expecting to find Dez had become a cop, and was investigating a shifter murder, and was now divorced.

Their relationship was not built up too much in the book, but you can tell they both have a history, and they both liked each other and were sort of reunited. Dez is hilarious at times, annoying at others, psychotic most of the time. However, she deals well with the whole supernatural world she’s thrown into, and her chemistry with Mace was amazing. Maybe that has a lot to do with the fact that Mace was just really hot.

Again, Ms. Laurenston does a wonderful job at creating a good plot around their romance, with a hysterical group of characters… Can I just say how much I love Smitty and his southern drawl? She nails the personalities of the shifters, the cats, the wolves, it’s hysterical.

There are also so many funny moments in this book, I loved how Dez’s dogs were scared of him and would hide under the bed, the date at the Van Holtz restaurant, Dez dealing with Mace’s sister.

This was not my favorite Laurenston story, but it’s still, nonetheless, amazing.

Favorite Quote:

“Do you mind if I ask you a question, darlin’?”

“Only if you stop calling me darlin’.”

“Now, where I come from that’s a term of endearment.”

“Really? Well, where I come from motherfucker is a term of endearment. Want me to start calling you that?”

Shaw’s Tail

This story was GREAT! I LOVED IT! It continues where Christmas Pride left off, and Brendon Shaw had been injured. Ronnie-Lee Reed came to New York as part of the Smith Pack imports with Smitty. She’s Smitty’s sister best friend and the two of them have gotten in more trouble together than should be legal… well it wasn’t legal in most of the countries they were in. Now she’s assigned to babysit the recovering lion, but at the same time someone tries to kill him while at the hospital. Ronnie-Lee is then forced to hide him, and can only ask for her aunt’s help.

Brendon is such a sweetheart, he’s done his Pride job, and now he just wants that hot little wolf and he won’t stop at anything to have her.

Now talk about hot, these two were smoking HOT together. Again we get some of the hottest paranormal erotica, with the best humor.

“Oh, look. The idiot of the jungle awakens.”

One of my favorite parts was Brendon Shaw in lion form dancing in the neighbors front lawn and playing tug while Ronnie is trying to get him back home.

Favorite Quote:

“You know what I do with gentlemen? I chew them up and spit them out and leave the remains for the hyenas.”

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