If there is a reason why you haven’t picked up the Pride books yet, you have to put everything else aside and get them! If you didn’t know about them, then let me introduce you to the sexiest shifters around!

This Pride book is all about fun! Mitch Shaw has a “nothing-bothers-me” playful attitude towards life, and Sissy Mae, even though crude and mean at times, is a fun chick!

And Mitch is one of my favorite felines in ALL shifter series! How adorable is he? We first met him for a little bit in the second story of book 1 (Shaw’s Tail). We thought he was the good-for-nothing brother of successful Brendon Shaw, turns out he was a cop who had gone undercover to expose a mobster, and was now in the witness protection program! They need him alive to testify, the criminals want him dead. And lets not forget that he IS the karaoke king among the Kuznetzov Pack, to be worshiped at their altar. *snickers*

Mitch and Sissy are best buds, they’ve been working together at Mace & Smitty’s security firm. Mitch is being his usual prankster self, and Sissy is her usual “just-a-tad-bitchy” she-wolf. This book begins while we are still at Jessie Ann & Smitty’s wedding, and yes, Mitch and Sissy Mae are both still fighting their attraction to each other, because between good friends sex will only complicate things, and then there’s the fact that Mitch knows after he testifies he will have to assume a new identity and disappear. But things take a turn for the worst when Mitch gets shot. Yes, someone is after him, wants him dead, and it just happens to be shifter. How can they protect Mitch?

Sissy takes it upon herself to “kidnap” him, taking him where she swore she would never return. Back home to Tennessee. Nobody knows he’s there. And Sissy soon finds herself full of hot naked lion, in a town full of crazy wolves, and BOY he can eat!!!

Crazy, hysterical, extremely sexy and cute. This book will keep you entertained from page one, and you won’t be able to put it down! Their banter had me almost in tears laughing. And some of the things that happen just… I have no words. Like when Mitch ends up wrestling with Ralph (the alligator), or when we meet cousin Dee Ann, or when they go to the grocery store because Mitch “ate her out of her house”.

And as any good, honorable lion shifter, when this bad boy gets all hot and bothered, HE CAN DELIVER!

So what are you waiting for? You have to read this series! You have to read this author! It is guaranteed to get you out of any reading funk, improve your mood, and… make your insides quiver.

It is so difficult to pick a favorite quote, since most of this book is full of humor, but here’s my best attempt:

Best description of Sissy Mae:
To quote Janie Mae, “Sissy came out of my womb with her middle finger raised.”

“Is that why they call you Mr. Fumble Paws?”

“Sexy, sexy,” she growled at him before she could stop herself.
“You treat me like a whore”
“You are a whore”
He grinned “This is true”

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  1. I dont know why I haven’t got my hands on this book yet! I’m def going to check it out! It looks like something down my alley

  2. This whole series, autographed has been shifted around on my to be read pile for almost a year now.

    Paul is actually on the cover of 2 books in this series.

    Great review!