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“Overall, I enjoyed THE MAD TATTER and I’ll definitely be picking up the other books I have sitting around by this author.” ~ Under the Covers

THE MAD TATTER purchase was a result of cover lust + great deal sale.  I bought it because the cover spoke to me (no I didn’t read the blurb, you should know by now that’s how I roll) and for $0.99 I had to have it.  I have bought other books by this author before and they are all sitting pretty on my kindle TBR.  But something about this one was screaming read me now.  And then my friend Trish (whom I may have made her buy it too because of that same cover reason) told me the hero was so hot I needed to put all review books aside and read this.

Enough endorsement?  Well, I enjoyed this book, but it didn’t wow me.  There are things I enjoyed a lot and then quite a few others that fell completely flat as far as story and character development.  And while there was a lot of page count wasted on mundane things I could’ve done without, it would’ve been better invested in giving more depth to this book.

Let’s start with the good, shall we?  Reece/Rhys is delicious.  That tortured hero we all love, his life is a bit of a mess.  His family disowned him after he got caught doing his street graffiti art, he’s now had to reinvent himself keeping his hands clean of spray paint (as his parole officer prefers) until he pays the fines he was given.  So for the most part he’s a struggling artist, working at a tattoo shop, suppressing his passion for his art, counting his pennies, and not really having a life outside of work and getting drunk.  And he also has a daughter!  This small bundle of joy he gets to spend time with every other weekend.  LOTS of baggage.  But I still loved him!  He’s sexy, he’s trying to do the best he can with his situation and trying to fight his way out of it.  Needless to say, you will fall in love with him.

Then he meets Avery.  She’s the epitome of a good girl, comes from a well to do family, her parents were dancers and she’s followed in their footsteps and is studying dance as well.  Not a tattoo on her body, she doesn’t usually come to the wrong side of town where he roams.  But something about him keeps her coming back.  I liked that their relationship starts off developing as a friendship, even if they want to jump each others’ bones.  They take their time and establish some good bases for their romance.  But I just didn’t really connect much with Avery until the very end when she has a blip moment of emotion and outbursts.  I found her very one dimensional, never really getting under her skin and knowing what makes her tick.

I think the ending was missing some confrontation on certain things that were bugging me, and some of the issues that seemed larger than life to achieve they all got resolved with a simple decision in the end and not any major repercussions.

Overall, I enjoyed THE MAD TATTER and I’ll definitely be picking up the other books I have sitting around by this author.


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  1. Hmm, I really loved her Sempre series, but hadn’t gotten around to this one yet. The graffiti artist bit has me curious. Thanks for sharing about this one.