…although I am not kicking myself for reading it earlier, I did enjoy it, it was dark and sensual… ~ Under the Covers

Miss Anne Aimes has spent her life looking after her elderly parents, but now her parents have passed, she finally wants something for herself, and decides that at thirty six, it is time she lost her virginity. But Anne knows all she has is her wealth, she is plain and far past the first blush of youth, so who better to introduce her to intimacy than Michel de Anges, a man renown for giving women pleasure….at a price. But Michael is hiding something and being with Anne puts her in mortal danger…but it is risk Michael is willing to take to gain revenge.

I bought this book up on a whim ages ago but left it stagnating on my bookshelf ever since, but I wanted to pick up something completely new to me that I could read with no prior expectations and also I figured it was time to start reading through my poor pile of neglected paperbacks; two birds, one stone. And, although I am not kicking myself for reading it earlier, I did enjoy it, it was dark and sensual, and for those of you who like your heroes scarred and tortured, physically and mentally, than you will love Michael, and for those of you who like a curvier, plainer heroine just discovering her sexual power, than Anne is your gal.

For me, I found the writing a little overblown and melodramatic, I was having flashbacks of Sherrilyn Kenyon as I was reading. It did add to the almost gothic feel of the book, as well as to the sensual atmosphere, but after a while I just wanted them to stop being so damn wordy and for Michael and Anne to just get on with it. But I did like Michael and Anne together and although it wasn’t a conventional romance, it was a sexy and passion filled one.

Although this book wasn’t really my style, I did enjoy reading it, if you are fan of writers like Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon you will probably appreciate this a lot more than I did.

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  1. Suzanne was right about the style of writing – Robin Schone has that darkness in most of her historical romances. I read this one and I thought it was alright as well, but if you really want to read a good one of hers, I suggest The Lady’s Tutor. The plot is quite unique and the and hero, Ramiel, is one to die for!