“The author does an amazing job at drawing out the world and the scenes, it just felt as if I was watching things happen.” ~Under the Covers

There is something sort of magical about this series.  I’m not sure if it’s the dark and gritty world, the fallen angels mixing with the humans, or just the Rockabilly feel of the story.  It perfectly blends two eras by having a fallen angel that is kind of stuck in the clothes and mentality of the 50s (he’s the original), and the human girl he’s dating in the present, who has embraced the Rockabilly lifestyle (the wannabe).

I love both of their characters.  Griffin Shaw, the Centurion, is just tortured by so many things.  He’s on earth looking for his killer (well, his and his wife’s killer) while also trying to solve cases assigned to him.  In between all that he sometimes has to transport souls of the recently deceased to the Everlast.  He has a lot on his plate and in this book, I think he showed he was having a hard time prioritizing.

Kit on the other hand is awesome!  She always shows an air of happiness and a tough exterior.  However we come to realize it’s not all roses underneath.  She’s in love with Griffin but deep down is hurting to have to compete with his dead wife’s memory.  She tries to be happy, and she tries to do the right thing, and what’s good.  And sometimes, in that search of justice and righteousness, she finds herself in the center of trouble.  Her vulnerability made me cry at times.

In this book, Kit tries saving Grif’s takes.  And by trying to save the ones marked for death they discover a new drug circulating that needs to be stopped, and they also find a fallen angel who is out stealing souls before the Centurions can take them to the Everlast.  Of course, once the fallen angel sees Kit, he zeroes in on her and makes it his mission to possess her.

The storyline was very interesting and the author does an amazing job at drawing out the world and the scenes, it just felt as if I was watching things happen.  This was also an emotional book for Kit and her search of what makes her happy and how to deal with what’s bringing her down.

I’m looking forward to the ending of this trilogy in the next book and finding out ….Who killed Griffin Shaw?

If you want to try an urban fantasy that is new and fresh, with a touch of old charm, angels and mystery, then this is the series for you!

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