Review: The Khyma by Poppy Rhys
The Khyma
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Released: July 1st 2017
Series: Women of Dor Nye #4

I loved it.”
~ Under the Covers

After the disappointment of The Yarian I was a little wary of approaching the next book in the series. However, oh ye of little faith! I should have known the Poppy Rhys could pull it back. The Khyma is part one of two of the Taken mini series within the Women of Dor Nye series. Like an episode of your favourite TV programme that ends on ‘to be continued…’ than concludes the following week.

This book focuses on Willa, a headstrong, fun loving girl, who doesn’t always think things through. Which, is how she finds herself in a dodgy market looking to buy some Khyma, a race of alien bred to be protectors and slaves. She doesn’t feel great about buying a slave, but she doesn’t intend to keep them like slaves. However, things don’t quite go as planned (as usual) as she realises that the trouble she is embroiled may have more far reaching consequences.

When I started this book, the whole “the heroine is buying slaves” thing didn’t quite sit right for me. However, what helped was that Willa didn’t really see them as slaves, it was like she thought she was hiring body guards. Guards she fully intended to treat like an employee and offer pay and opportunities. Willa is a hard heroine to dislike, she may be a handful but she’s a lot of fun and clearly cares for those around her.

This story goes along fairly predictable lines, Willa falls for one of the Khyma, Kyran, and he likewise is fascinated and adores her. It feels very similar to the first two books in the series The Melier and The Melier: Homeworld. I loved it, Kyran especially managed to tug at the heart strings.

From a romance point of view, you do get a HEA at the end of the book, however, it does end on a cliffhanger, so make sure you have the next book in the series queued up and ready to read!

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