How is it possible that even though I love this author, this book was beautifully written, the story was amazing and interesting, and Adrian Ivashkov is in the story, I’m only giving this a 4 star instead of 5?  Well, see I keep expecting Sydney to turn into Rose and stop acting and thinking the way she does.  But then I realize that this is no longer Vampire Academy, and we are now in Sydney’s head, and Sydney is human and an alchemist.  She was raised with a sense of duty and a fear and repulsion to all things vampire and magic.

For her to now be working with and protecting them is a big step.  To be dealing with magic, whether it be human magic or moroi magic, it’s a big step.  And to somehow develop a close relationship and maybe even feelings for one of them, well… that might just be too far out of her comfort zone.

In this story, Sydney and the whole gang will have to deal with a group of humans that have taken it upon themselves to kill strigois and they seem to have targeted Sonya, as they believe she’s still strigoi.

Sydney did a lot of growing up and opening her eyes in this book, I’ll give her that.  There’s still a lot more for her to go through, but this was a good beginning.  Dimitri was in this book as well, quite a bit… *fangirl squeeeeeeee and cue drooling all over the keyboard* ok sorry, got myself in check there.  Eddie is awesome as always, while still in love with Jill and loving her from afar, he’s the rock of the group, the back up, the protector.  Jill got on my nerves a bit, she was just there creating drama with her love life, seemed like to me.  I think she still has more growing up to do, and I was actually happy with the ending of her little drama.

OK so now I have to talk about Adrian.  He is the reason why this series works for me.  Yes, yes the author is great, but if I was left with the rest of the group without Adrian I don’t think I would keep reading.  Adrian is so complex, he’s good and he’s bad.  He drinks and he smokes, he’s loud and obnoxious at times, he always speaks his mind even when it’s not appropriate, and somehow I wouldn’t change anything about him.  When he starts spending time with Sydney in this book (in a friendly and platonic way) while at the same time she’s dating a human boy, there’s just no comparison.  He would’ve swept me off my feet in no time.  I could keep going on about how much I love Adrian, but I won’t bore you with the unnecessary commentary.  He is the best!  That’s all you need to know.  Which is why I wanted to sucker punch Sydney in the face and kick her while she was down by the end of this book.  Nuff said.  Now to wait for the next one.

Favorite Quotes:

“I tried to be a better person for her– but it was to impress her, to get her to want me. But when I’m around you, I want to be better because… well, because it feels right. Because I want to. You make me want to become something greater than myself. I want to excel. You inspire me in every act, every word, every glance. I look at you, and you’re like… like light made into flesh. […] You have no clue how beautiful you are or how brightly you shine.”  

“He shouldn’t have said that,” repeated Adrian, eerily serious. He leaned his face toward mine. “I don’t care if he’s not the emotional type or the complimentary type or what. No one can look at you in this dress, in all that fire and gold, and start talking about anachronisms. If I were him, I would have said, ‘You are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen walking this earth.” 

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  1. Thanks Maria! And anything by Richelle Mead is a must read:

    Young Adult Series:
    Vampire Academy (Finished)

    Adult (Urban Fantasy) Series:
    Georgina Kincaid (LOVE HER) – Finished
    Dark Swan (Finished)


  2. Woah, you’re reviewing a YA book 😀
    I’m finally reading this, my library finally got me a copy. I had to make an exception and stop everything to read this.

  3. *squeee* I LOVE Richelle Mead, and while not the best thing ever, The Golden Lily is still really good. And Adrian!! He could never compare to Dimitri for me in VA, but now I definitely love him 😀