“I was incredibly let down.”
~ Under the Covers

It is with great sadness I write this review because I really wanted to like this book.  I’ve been hearing about this series for so long and it’s been recommended to me many times.  This is a new adult sports series set in college about a fictional sport but in a contemporary setting.  I was also under the impression this was a m/m romance.  However, I have to give you a warning that was not given to me.  The trilogy has romance, not this book.

So let me get into it.  I started out sort of enjoying this book and I was waiting for something to happen.  We have a team that is made up of misfits and broken guys and I truly was looking forward to seeing some good things happen to them.  Now the main protagonist that we are following in this one also has a backstory that I may have had to suspend my belief immediately to not be rolling my eyes because it was a bit outlandish.  But I pushed through.

I was waiting for something, anything, a hint of some attraction.  In the end, this book has absolutely no romance.  No longing looks, no sexual tension, no real indication of who will even be the love interest (although I can suspect by who would make sense, not by the author’s work to tell me there’s any kind of tension).  I wanted something different in that aspect and maybe had I known that going in I may have felt different.  But this is usually hyped as such an epic romance that I was incredibly let down.

The lets talk about my second biggest issue.  The writing.  This book felt really jarring and I honestly think it could’ve done with another round or two of edits.  And I don’t mean of the grammar variety.  I mean story and structure.  Honestly, for something to be written in quite a simple way, it was hard to follow so many times.

But let me go back to the suspend your belief and if you don’t want a minor spoiler maybe stop reading my review here.  I mean it’s kind of something you hear about early on in the book but…. fair warning…….. This book deals with the Yakuza, basically Japanese mafia.  I’m sorry I can’t wrap my head around the fact that some random teenage boy who has no badass skills can stand a chance against that.

In the end though, this was so not the book I expected to read.  There was no redeeming quality to any of the characters, I didn’t like the dialogue, I didn’t like the situations the characters found themselves in and how they were handled.  I couldn’t care about one character in this book!  Everyone is telling me that I just need to continue and read the next because there’s a tiny hint of the romance in that one (because full warning again the romance is in book 3…. BOOK THREE!) and I may eventually try and do that at some point, but I definitely need some time away from the hot mess that was this book before I attempt that.  I guess I fall into the not for me camp so far with this one even though it has so much love out there.



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  1. I”m a bit of a cover snob so I wouldn’t have given this book a first glance and after reading how disjointed the writing and the story were and how patient the reader must be to finally get to even a hint of romance in this romance trilogy I’m kind of glad it was never on my radar. Thank you!

  2. Too bad this read wasn’t better. Ty! For your honest review Francesca! Shared on my socials!??

  3. This is not true I’m sorry the story Line isn’t all sexual “oh let’s make out at random points” mad it’s Not about relationship is about giving the “misfits” a second chance at a future it’s about a story through the eyes of a boy who’s never had anything to live for and his journey of realisation and overcoming his past to see that he can have a chance at trusting and have people to lean on and that he Doesn’t have to always be fine and lie about everything
    So in my opinion this trilogy was great and I can’t believe I finished it and I just might go back and read it all over again