Review: The E.T. Guy by V.C. Lancaster

Review: The E.T. Guy by V.C. Lancaster
The E.T. Guy
Book Info

Released: November 26th 2016
Genre: Sci Fi
Series: Office Aliens #1

“…really adorable romance.”
~ Under the Covers

Welcome to DETI, the Department of Extra Terrestrial Immigration in 2266. Earth is taking in refugees from the planet Teiss after they have been invaded and the planet overrun. Zir is a refugee from Teiss and working in the IT department in DETI. Lois is an Intake Officer who greets new arrivals and deals with all the paperwork. Her frequent computer problems means she’s constantly needing help from a surly alien IT guy, who can’t seem to stand the sight of her. Of course, she could be completely wrong…

After reading and loving V.C. Lancaster’s Ruth and Gron series, I immediately started looking up her back list. This brought my attention to her Office Aliens series, of which The E.T. Guy is the first book. I love the concept of this series, a series of office romances between humans and the alien refugees that are making a home on Earth. Misunderstanding from cultural differences are free to roam and pounce on the unsuspecting couple.

That is definitely the case between Lois and Zir. Lois is certain that Zir hates her due to his behaviour towards her. However, when the behaviour is seen through the lens of Zir’s culture…that isn’t quite the case. Although this book was basically based on a series of misunderstandings, something that normally drives me insane, I didn’t mind. It fit with the premise of the series and it quickly transformed in to a really adorable romance.

This is a great read, funny and romantic and gives a new spin on both office romances and alien romances.


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