Vigholf the Abhorrent aka Sir-Eats-a-Lot is such a cutie pie. He’s following Rhona the Fearless on the battlefield like a lost puppy dragon. He shows affection the only way he knows how. By overprotecting her. And wanting to be near her.Rhona the Fearless, a Caladwar dragoness, never truly wanted to be a warrior but she is because to go against the norm in her family would be disastrous. She doesn’t really take well to men protecting her because it diminishes what she can do.

Coming from the last book which I didn’t love this was nice and refreshing and funny again! So I’m very glad for that. Time keeps flying by and now our favorite characters have evolved…and some stay the same.

Keita and Ragnar are still not mated. Eibhear is still being an ass to Izzy and to his cousin Celyn. You know, after all he’s done he deserves Izzy to go and have some fun with Celyn before they get their book. Even though I’m dying for it, is it next?

And when I say time passed I mean in the last book we were left with Eibhear and Celyn being sent off to the North for the war with Ragnar and Keita, etc. This book starts five years after that, so the war is actually coming to an end! Which is good because now we can move on to other storylines.

I am curious to see where the story with Annwyl will go. This has a lot of potential for the next book.

Overall, I really liked the hero and heroine and their romance developed slowly but steady. You will find a good amount of humor in this book.

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  1. I’m so glad to hear that you loved this book. I too was not a fan of the last one, and I was hesitant in thinking of getting this one. I agree, we need to see Izzy/Eibhar’s book!!!