First things first, LOOK AT THAT COVER!  Sorry, got that all out.  I admit the cover and the title where the two reasons I bought this book.  At the time I had read the Masters of Menage series she co-writes with Shayla Black, but a lot of times it’s hard to tell who’s voice you are reading at one time or another.  I didn’t know either that she was Sophie Oak, not that it would’ve made much of a difference since I haven’t read her stuff yet.

So I’m going in blind with no expectations and this book rocked!  It has all the elements that I enjoy in my erotic romance, with the suspense, the secret organization of hot men going undercover and using their dominant sexuality to get the job done!

Sean Taggart is all kinds of dominant aka my kind of man!  He’s good at what he does which is why he has to go undercover to try to find a terrorist.  With the main suspect being the owner of an employment agency, his best bet is to try to get information out of his assistant, Grace.  But Sean is hit with lust and love at first sight, which at times doesn’t help him do his job much.

I love the fact that Grace is older than Sean.  I love the fact that he makes her feel good about herself and he loves and adores everything about her.  The man is good for her self esteem as well as her pleasure.  After a life of vanilla but having read plenty of BDSM books, Grace is more than ready to test drive the submissive lifestyle with Sean.

My only complaint was the overuse of “little one“.  It is not the first time I see this term of endearment in a BDSM book but it is the first time that I felt like if he said it one more time I was going to reach through the pages and choke him.

This book had it all: action, romance, suspense, intrigue and some smoking hot sex!  All the characters were great and I can’t wait to read the books for the rest of the men in this series.

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  1. I’ve read both of the books in this series and love them. I’m anxiously awaiting Lexi’s next one “A Dom is Forever” which is supposed to be out this fall.
    rmwyer at shaw dot ca

  2. Becki, I’ll be reading the second book next and then I can’t wait for Ian’s. He’s just so intense!!!

    Laurie, hope you get to read it soon and enjoy it as well!


  3. I wasn’t aware that Lexi Blake was Sophie Oak either, until I read her Author Override…have to say though that this book sounds really good-thanks for the great review Francesca!