Paris’s frantic search for Sienna is coming to it’s conclusion, he’s lied, cheated, murdered and screwed his way to find her so he can release her from Cronus’s clutches. But their time together can only be limited as all sides of the war want Sienna, the new Keeper of Wrath, and she must make a choice stay with Paris, but damn all the Lords to death or betray Paris and save them.At last! At last we have Paris and Sienna’s book, after waiting through most the series it’s here! I confess that after all the build up I was secretly feeling a little skeptical over how good this would be, I have found the previous few books a little disappointing and didn’t want to raise my expectations too high. I worried in vain. I thought this book could possibly be the best in the series so far, it was packed with EVENTS, revelations and romance, with multiple threads playing out through the books and new characters being introduced there was never a dull moment.

Paris and Sienna, who knew they could work so well together? They had chemistry, friendship and love. Like all really good love stories the have conquered epic obstracles in their way, death, gods, demons and their own pasts. But Paris is Keeper of Promiscuity, so lets get to the hot and steamy. The sex scenes were smokin’, managing to be a great mixture of panty wettingly hot but tender as well.

But as well as the romance, a few very unexpected events happened, this book kept me reading not just to see Paris and Sienna, but to also see what else Gena was going to throw at us. We need some new demon possessed immortals, my favourite being Viola, Keeper of Narcissicty, she reminded me a little of Anya. Then, there was Kane’s stint in Hell and Galen and Legion, not to mention what the Cronus and Rhea were up to. All these things happening around the main couple made this book a one-sitting-read.

The Darkest Seduction also has Gena’s humour and wit in it, I love how her characters interact, especially the Lords, it shows their friendship perfectly.

I loved this book, it had a great romance and has left me desparate to read more, not just of Lords of the Underworld but also her new series Angels of the Dark as we get a little hint of what it is all about in the epilogue. The best in the series so far!


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  1. I am so glad you loved it. I really wanted to, but it ended up a disappointment for me. I thought the book was terribly bloated and slow to engage me. 🙁

    However, I did really like the Strider revelation, the Titan resolution, and Legion/ Galen storyline.

  2. Great review! I gotta tell you, this is only the second review of Paris’s book that I’ve looked at and the first one was only a 3.5. That kinda freaked me! At least this review is from someone I know. It makes me feel better LOL.

  3. I didn’t know you posted a review already. How I missed it??. Wow I’m glad to see somebody loved it, it was only a 4 stars listen for me, and for the life of me I can’t really tell you what went wrong, except that maybe my expectation were too high, although there is nothing wrong with 4 stars, I wanted to be blown’t we all with every book? lol
    I wanted to ask if by any chance any of you listened to audiobook, I want ask your opinion of narrator, whom I absolutely love, but I came a cross a horrible review ( it made me and I wanted to check if anyone else felt the same way. I didn’t hear anything wrong with his performance, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing or over looking something.
    Sorry for the long comment, but I know some of you are audiobook fans too, and I’m glad for that.
    Thanks again!

  4. @Lupdilup, I’m listening to it now. And it’s okay so far. Max Bellmore does great narrating the LOTU books and I’ve gotten use to him. He’s not my fave but he’s not bad either. I’ve listened to all the LOTU audiobooks.
    Although, I’ve got to say after listening to Third Grave’s Lorelei King…it’s a big difference.

  5. @Lupdilup, I didn’t listen to this one yet, but if its the same narrator, he’s usually an ok listen for me.

    @Angela, Lorelei King is one of my FAVORITE narrators! =)

  6. Yes, I also love Lorelei King, she’s awesome!! but I was wondering about Marx Bellmore after I read this:
    My only problem is the narrator juicy mouth. I hate to hear the swallowing of spit every pause he makes. I don’t blame him I blame the editors… I know they have programs to edit watery mouth. I cringe inwardly when I hear him swallowing mouth full of spit. Ahhhhhh ewwww yuck!!!!
    I thought I’d would ask you guys.
    I never noticed anything like that.
    Thank you guys!

  7. I’m LOL. I don’t recall hearing anything in that description or I wouldn’t listen to him And I think he’s the only narrator who does all LOTU books. I’m, only 25% or so. I’ll let you know if I hear anything slurping LOL

  8. I’m LOL. I don’t recall hearing anything in that description or I wouldn’t listen to him And I think he’s the only narrator who does all LOTU books. I’m, only 25% or so. I’ll let you know if I hear anything slurping LOL

  9. Paris’ book was by far the best in the series! Ohh and that little sneak peak at Torin?? D: *FAINTS* fans self… that was sexy, though fleeting 😉 I couldn’t believe the ending, it was a 360 from anything I was expecting at all. Loved it! >.< Great Review!

  10. I had mixed feelings for this one; on the one hand I’m biased to resent series endings so usually I start on the wrong foot.
    Loved loved loved Paris and Sienna, after he spends so long suffering for her you can’t wait to see them come together. On the other hand, I don’t like Sienna being made ‘Queen’. But I generally don’t like when protaganists get too much power because it lessens the drama for me.
    Everything else was amazing though

  11. I enjoyed your review and I’m glad to know you loved The Darkest Seduction. I’ve been so looking forward to the story of Paris to be told, he’s my favorite Lord of the Underworld.