“The writing could’ve been a little tighter on this one but the overall main concept was still one I enjoyed.”
~ Under the Covers

“It’s the knee britches,” Garret said with a chuckle. “Sets a woman’s fancy aflutter.”

I picked this up on a whim because the covers for this series are just gorgeous and I’ve been on the look out for new authors to try.  I confess, I didn’t really pay much attention to the blurb as I tend not to.  So imagine my surprise when I started reading this and realized this isn’t just your ordinary historical romance.  This has a paranormal element to it!  Think of this as a regency X-Men.  What a fun concept.  I couldn’t wait to find out more.

The heroine, Cassie, is a fire mage newly awakened to her powers and not having a clue what they are or how to control them until the Duke of Camden and his MUSE group finds her and brings her in.  While she’s being trained on how to control her powers, she’s also a key player in protecting the heir to the throne from an assassination attack.  Ultimately, that’s what the MUSE is all about.

Among these men is Lord Stanstead, who possesses the mental power of sending thoughts into others’ heads and making them think it was their own.  But he’s most afraid of sending his dreams and seeing them manifested into reality as he’s done before.  Because of that, he doesn’t really want any attachments where his feelings might get involved.

So… the premise of this book?  Awesome!  I really enjoyed it.  Execution could’ve been better.  There were certain things that I felt the author was just beating us over the head with.  Yes, I get he can’t get close to her because he’s going to find her in his nightmares, I don’t need a reminder every two minutes.  Among other things that were a bit over-described and explained.  The writing could’ve been a little tighter on this one but the overall main concept was still one I enjoyed very much.  And even though the characters are not stand outs in my head, I enjoyed reading about them and was still interested in a happy outcome for them all.  I’m also left interested in the supporting cast enough to explore the next few books anxiously and find out more about the world they move in.

THE CURSE OF LORD STANSTEAD was a refreshing breeze to read with a different new concept that I couldn’t help but fall for.  I’m hoping each book in this series gets better and I can’t wait to explore.




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  1. These look interesting will add to the wish list. I struggle to find historicals memorable so the paranormal twist might help me get interested.