“A great novella full of action, the promise of romance to come as well as some very likable characters,” ~ Under the Covers

Nighthawks Perry Lowell and Garrett Reed have worked together for years; Perry is cool and logical, where as her partner Garrett is charming yet reckless, between them the small matter of an actress going missing should be a simple case to solve. But the more they look into her disappearance the stranger the case looks until all they have is a theatre full of suspects and a dead body.

Bec McMaster gives us a look in to Perry and Garrett’s life as they work on a difficult case together, a case that soon becomes personal. This was a great novella and after the small glimpses we have had of the characters in My Lady Quicksilver it was great to see more of them, especially as they are featured next in the series in Forged by Desire.

It was great to see the dynamics of Perry and Garrett’s friendship and I can’t wait for this to be explored further in Forged by Desire Perry’s unrequited loved and Garrett’s seeming obliviousness to it, yet intense protective instincts towards her all promise a fantastic next installment. But as well as seeing Perry and Garrett work together, the case itself was interesting and kept me guessing as once again Bec McMaster weaves an intriguing story full of action and excitement.

A great novella full of action, the promise of romance to come as well as some very likable characters, if you are a fan of this series than this is a must read and if you haven’t tried this series before, than I highly recommend you give it a go.

Book 1
Book 1.5
Book 2
Book 3
Curious Case of the Clockwork Menace, The
Book 3.5
Book 4
Of Silk and Steam
Book 5

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