Review: The Bride Says No by Cathy Maxwell

Review: The Bride Says No by Cathy Maxwell
The Bride Says No
Book Info

Released: January 28, 2014
Genre: Historical Romance
Length: 7 hrs and 24 mins
Pages: 384

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“I was probably expecting more from it, but it was a nice intro to the series. ” ~ Under the Covers

Forbidden and scandalous romance, here we come!  Aileen falls for her sister’s fiance!  Did that catch your interest yet?  As much as that caught my interest and I was sort of …. intrigued by the execution.  I think this could’ve been a little more.

This book does something different in comparison to other traditional historical romances.  There are several POVs in the story and the main couple is not necessarily the main focus of the story.  Some may think that there’s too much else going on and being focused on that it detracts from the connection between our hero and heroine.  It is probably one of the reasons I can’t rate this book higher.  Although I see the need to highlight some of these other events.

See, Aileen and Tara’s father is a gambler.  The dowry he’s getting for Tara’s hand in marriage is going to go a long way to help him stay out of ruin.  But Tara is a bit conceited and in her own way is looking for her one true love.  So she’s going back and forth between marrying her intended and calling off the wedding.  In light of that, Blake, the fiance who needs her good reputation for his own interests, comes to find Tara to convince her to marry him.  That’s where he meets Aileen.  She’s been married, her reputation has been tarnished a bit.  And the connection between Aileen and her sister’s fiance starts blossoming from there.

While this is a good story, and told by a talented author, I couldn’t fully connect with or care for any one character.  Whose happy ending where we really wanting to see?  Obviously Aileen and Blake.  But then there’s also the triangle of Jane/Ruary/Tara.  See Tara is in love with Ruary while engaged to Blake.  Blake loves Aileen.  Ruary is engaged to Jane.  It’s just a bit much.

And then my other one dislike that would’ve made this story better had it not been there, Tara.  LOL  I know, I don’t mean take the character out but she is SO childish and selfish, like one of the mean girls.  She has no concern for anyone else around her except herself, her feelings, her reputation, her happiness, her her her. I can’t say I have much desire to read the next book about her when I was so annoyed by her in this book.

Overall, this is a quick and fun read.  I was probably expecting more from it, but it was a nice intro to the series.


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About Cathy Maxwell

Cathy Maxwell’s enthusiasm for life graces the pages of her books and are the topic of the talks she gives to readers and writers groups about her chosen career.

She is no stranger to the limelight.  After graduating from college, Cathy started off as a news broadcaster.  She later decided reporting was boring compared to making news and joined the navy.   After a successful stint in Naval intelligence, including a tour with the Pentagon, Cathy proceeded to pursue writing.  Now, she has over thirty-five published romance novels (and five anthologies) to her credit, many of them spending significant time on the New York Times and USA Today mass market best-seller lists.  Several have been nominated for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award and  has been honored with RT Book Review’s  “Love and Laughter” award among others.  Recently, the Washington Romance Writers named her a recipient of the Kathleen Gilles Seidel “Legend” award for her service to the chapter.  Best of all, she has made some wonderful friends along the way and has had a great time.

Originally from Kansas, she now finds herself in Texas! When not writing she is likely to be busy with one of many local charities or packing her bags to research her next novel.  Cathy’s motto is “travel light” and she enjoys meeting her fans all over the world.


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  1. THANK YOU!….. tara was soooo annoying in this story….i doubt i will read the next book in this series as it is about tara…. i know characters grow and change and authors usually do very well with that but….. :/

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