The Gift by Lynsay Sands
3.5 FeathersFollowing in the Argeneau Vampires series we now get the story of Katricia Argeneau, and forgive me if I was supposed to know who she is, I’m behind on my Argeneau reading; and Teddy Brunswick. Who is Teddy? I thought this was cute. He is the sheriff of Port Henry, he is an older gentleman, close to retiring age. He’s never married, and now decides to go on a vacation for the Holidays instead of going to friends houses. Of course he gets help from Marguerite Argeneau, Matchmaker by Excellence.She just happens to arrange for Katricia to be spending the Holidays in the house next to Teddy. See Marguerite has a good eye for finding people’s life mates and as it turns out Katricia can’t read Teddy’s thoughts.They end up stuck due to a snow storm and power outage, and even though Teddy knows about vampires he is not the most comfortable around Katricia. He shouldn’t be noticing how enticing she looks in those leotards, or is it leggings she calls them?This was a pretty sweet story but it wasn’t anything crazy special. Not a lot of the crazy humor. ut I actually enjoyed it more than the last full length book I’ve read in the series.Home For The Holidays by Jeaniene Frost
4 Feathers

OMG This is a MUST READ for Night Huntress fans! In my opinion this story could’ve been made into a full length book! There was so much potential and I think some things were over-simplified because it was a novella.

However, don’t let that fool you. This story rocked! I don’t want to give too much away, but basically here’s what you can expect: Someone from Bones’ past comes back, and brings back with him a curse that Bones’s was not even aware of. The whole gang (almost) is under this spell and everyone is basically possessed and it’s up to Ian and Cat to save the day.

Yes, Ian plays a pretty big role in this story. I love him! And we even get to see Ian make out with…. I won’t tell you who!!!

This story might make you want to kick Bones in the balls, pull Mencheres hair out, kiss Ian to death and comfort Cat.

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  1. Okay! Now that you have me all jazzed up for my Cat and Bones installment when my husband put the November moratorium on book buying until after Christmas since he is the keeper of my wishlist at the moment- yes, this one is on it.

    Kidding, actually you just make me more eager for Christmas that ever with such a warm review.


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