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Not much is known about the Qurilixens a viking-like, male dominated race; however, journalist Morrigan is determined to get the story on their marriage practices; especially about their royal family who are rumoured to be taking a wife from the latest batch of mail order brides supplied by Galaxy Brides. Going undercover as a prospective wife, Morrigan never expects to be swept off by a handsome barbarian herself, especially when he starts calling her wife…

I loves me a cheesy sci-fi romance! They are an addiction for me, any story with a sexy alien getting it on with an unsuspecting Earth gal and I am on it.

The Barbarian Prince pretty much ticked all my boxes in the cheesy sci-fi romance department, big sexy warrior alien, check! Stubborn Earth female, check! Some hot and sexy lovin’, check! I admit it only had a token plot, which didn’t seem to add much to this story but which I think is probably more important to the next few books, but I was more focused on what Morrigan and Ualan would do next.

What stopped this book from getting anything higher than 3 was the constant Misunderstandings. This book relied on these throughout the whole book and I hate that, their whole marriage would have been sorted out if they have just had an honest and open conversation, which of course they don’t till the last minute.

But, I did enjoy this, it made me laugh, it had some hot smexy times and I reckon I am going to like reading the other books in this series set in the vikingesque alien world of Qurilixen.

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