“Who needs central heating when this book is enough to warm the hearts of the whole house?”
~ Under the Covers

All I can say is…AWWW. Who needs central heating when this book is enough to warm the hearts of the whole house? This is a really short and sweet novella in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, it’s a slice of life type story showing multiple couples and how they are celebrating ‘No-Poison’ Day aka Christmas. A lot of couples and families are still split up between the village and Icehome, the new settlement filled with the new arrivals which is by the shore. Because the newbies don’t know how to survive on their new home many of the original tribesman have to stay and show them.

This novella shows some of couples reuniting on Christmas after being apart from their mates and their children for the last few months. This book is basically a bucket of adorable as couples do sweet things for one another to show their love and have mad monkey sex after a long time part.

If you are a fan of the Ice Planet Barbarians then you NEED to read this. It’s a quick read that’s bound to leave you with the warm fuzzies and longing to be kidnapped by hot blue aliens..


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  1. Thanks for the review, one of these days I’m going to read all these. I have only read the first 2 books.