“I was fully expecting to love this book, it has all the elements that I normally love, but I found that this book didn’t quite hit the right chords for me.”
~ Under the Covers

The cyborgs were the latest in human weaponry, only now they are becoming self aware. Seth, Dane and Niles are part of one unit, as well as their human handler Danika, but things soon start to change when they realise that they are changing. Becoming aware of things they never noticed before, including the feelings they have for Danika…but it couldn’t have come at a worst time. Stranded on a freezing cold planet with little to no resources, Seth, Dane and Nile’s know one thing, they must protect Danika.

What’s better than one cyborg? Three cyborgs. And that’s exactly what Kaitlyn O’Connor offers us in the first of her Cyberevolution series. Three sexy cyborgs, newly aware of themselves and their emotions ready to start a new life away from their human creators. Especially if that new life has Danika in it. I was fully expecting to love this book, it has all the elements that I normally love, but I found that this book didn’t quite hit the right chords for me.

It took a while for the book to get going, and the first few chapters were the same scene yet from different points of views and I found it a little…boring. But, I continued not wanting to give up, however, although it did pick up a bit, unfortunately I found the whole book very slow and the romance was very half hearted.

It felt like O’Connor wouldn’t decide whether she wanted to write a fun romance or a more serious sci fi, so she tried to do both and the two elements didn’t mix together very well. The general story and sci-fi elements weren’t quite in depth or interesting enough to hold the book by itself and romance was a little off. I felt like Danika had sex with her cyborgs because she felt she had to, or as part of a team bonding exercise rather than because she had that kind of attraction towards them. It felt a little weird and forced.

There were some funny parts in this, but they felt incongruous with other elements in the book, not that serious books can’t have a little humour, but it just didn’t fit correctly for me. I also liked all the characters individually, however, this isn’t enough for me to continue with this series.


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