Review: The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands

Review: The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands
The Accidental Vampire
Book Info

Released: December 26, 2008
Series: Argeneau #7
Length: 10 hrs and 35 mins
Pages: 372

 “This book had some funny moments.” ~ Under the Covers

What can I say? I think these books have just lost that spark I felt in books 2 & 3. Hmmm. This was a totally different setting. Victor (Vincent’s dad) who works as an enforcer is sent to investigate who’s behind a “Single Vampire” ad. So he travels to Port Henry to meet this mysterious Elvie. If she is a vampire and is advertising herself as such, he will have to bring her to justice for exposing herself.But she has no clue about the ad, her best friend Mable was the one to post it because she’s human and she’s getting old and fears that when she dies, her best friend will be left alone. She wants her to have a mate.Elvie has lived the past 5 years as a totally clueless vampire, sleeping in a coffin, not looking at her reflection in mirrors, not going out during the day. Basically all the Hollywood stereotypes. And everyone in Port Henry knows she’s a vampire! What a crazy little town! There’s actually a biting ritual for kids birthdays! They get a bite and a cake! LOL

So a bunch of vampires show up as her possible suitors, all there to find out if she could be their life mate. And she learns of all her vampire misconceptions! At the same time, someone is trying to kill her. Except, who would want to kill her? Everybody in town loves her, she grew up with all these people. Must be the out-of-town vamps that are the target.

This book had some funny moments. I loved the bit at the furniture store when she’s buying a new mattress and they’re all laying on the displays, trying them out. Victor was a bit stiff as a character, but he was much better than Lucian was in the last book. It was actually nice to see as well the relationship between an older human turned vampire and Victor. Even though Elvie looked like she was in her mid twenties, she was actually in her sixties. I also liked the side story of DJ being Mable’s mate. And of course I enjoyed reading about Alessandro (love that name!).

After several attempts on her life, I started suspecting who the culprit was, and even though I was right, I didn’t see the motive coming. But, then again, you can’t read these books for the mystery aspect.



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About Lynsay Sands

LYNSAY SANDS is the nationally bestselling author who is known for her hysterical historicals as well as the popular Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series. With her witty and charming personality, Sands describes books as, “Waking dreams or stories, tales to amuse, entertain and distract us from everyday life.” She’s been writing stories since grade school and considers herself incredibly lucky to be able to make a career out of it. Her hope is that readers can get away from their everyday stress through her stories, and if there are occasional uncontrollable fits of laughter, that’s just a big bonus.


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