“Now I know. It isn’t just me that dreams about the hot cyborg moving in next door…”
~ Under the Covers

A dystopia set in what feels like a near future, Trinity is recovering from an incident at work. An incident that’s strangely fuzzy in her mind, much like a lot of things in her life recently. One thing she is clear on though is her new neighbour Li Wei, who is equal parts hot as hell and weird as heck. But, strange as he is, he’s also become the one person she feels she can really trust.

Now I know. It isn’t just me that dreams about the hot cyborg moving in next door, Alyssa Cole has thought about it a time or two as well. And, just as I suspected and day dreamed, it’s both sexy and a lot of fun. If you are after a light hearted read which brushes up against the sci fi romance genre this book would be a great place to start.

This book was a quick, fun read but, it left me wanting and expecting much more from it. The slightly foreboding world that Cole created was unclear to me. I didn’t quite understand how it was supposed to work, I think it was aiming for a 1984, Big Brother is watching you kind of feel, but it didn’t have the lethal edge that made me feel like anyone was ever in real danger. It could be that, as the reader, I was hazy on the details because Trinity, our heroine, was as well due to the events within the book.

However, maybe I am overthinking this. At it’s heart it had a sweet friends-to-lovers, rom com vibe that was very easy to read and enjoy. Both Li Wei and Trinity were characters that I really liked and I enjoyed seeing their romance unfold. It didn’t rock my world, but I had a nice time and it was perfect chill out reading material.


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  1. You are not the only one who dreams about that. Hmmm on the one hand, this romance sounds cute, but I’m not sure about the not having the world explained.