“I had a few problems right off the bat, the writing style being the main one.  We just didn’t fit.”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been on a quest for holiday romances this year and that usually entails trying out new authors.  I’ve stayed away from reading Candis Terry in the past but the premise of two chefs butting heads in a holiday romance just did me in.  I HAD to read it.  And I had such great expectations for it too.  Sadly, this wasn’t for me.

I had a few problems right off the bat, the writing style being the main one.  We just didn’t fit.  This book has more of the cheesy dialogue that for me personally can get irritating.  And dialogue aside, it felt like the characters were thinking like teenagers with their inner innuendos every few minutes.  It would completely throw me out of the scene when I had to roll my eyes at the “that’s what she said” going on in their minds.  This style I’m sure works for some readers, but it really grated on my nerves and ultimately was the main reason I couldn’t cope with this book.

On to the story.  Parker is in the process of opening up his restaurant and has the added pressure of having the place ready for his brother’s Christmas wedding.  He will be head chef of course, but Gabriella appears on his door one day wanting to be hired as his assistant chef.  Randomly.  Nobody knows her.  And she’s determined to get a position that doesn’t actually exist at this restaurant that isn’t opened yet.  I don’t want to go into much more detail than that but suffice it to say that I thought Parker was getting lead around by his little head a bit too much and things moved too quick for my liking as well.  It just didn’t feel natural and I ended up not buying the I love yous in the end.  And the main characters?  It might’ve been what I said about the innuendos but I just didn’t like either one enough to care what happened in the end.

I hate having to write reviews when a book doesn’t do it for me and I really wanted to like this one.  I’m sure there are many readers out there who will think this cute and even funny at times because I know that’s what the author was going for.  Maybe even a tiny bit over the top.  I’m just not the target audience for the way the author went about it and I probably won’t be reading her again.




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  1. I’m not much into holiday themed books,thanks for your honest review Francesca! Shared on all my socials!