I am so sad to see this series end. It really doesn’t have to! There are still so many stories that they could create! Please, please, please! Or maybe write a spin-off series??? Something!! That’s the end of my fangirl moment.

Taken by Fire is mainly the story of Stryker. He has such a cool power, he can affect basically earth, so watch out you don’t piss him off or you may cause an earthquake! He is assigned to kill Melanie/Phoebe, the chick with two personalities that killed Akbar in the forest at the end of the last book. He watched as his friend burned in front of him, so this mission is personal for him. He wants to squeeze the life out of her!

Except once he finds her she explains to him about her dual personality. Can he believe her? There are actually two people living inside her body thanks to an Itor experiment, Phoebe is the bad one, and Melanie is the good one. Phoebe is out most of the time and has abused Melanie for a long time. Phoebe is the Itor agent, Melanie doesn’t know anything. They each have a different power, Phoebe is fire, Melanie is ice. And yes, they find out that she’s Alek’s daughter (head of Itor), which of course makes Dev change his plans and decide to just bring her in, not kill her. She is his sister after all.

She needs sex to recharge her powers and when they find themselves in a situation where he needs her to get them out of a bind, he is the only choice for sex. After that first time, which was rough, she admits that even though her body might’ve not been, she was actually a virgin, and yes, Oz’s prediction comes back to mind “You will marry a virgin.”

He quickly starts developing feelings for Melanie, and after those first few rushed times, which were still pretty hot, there’s more of a connection between them. Can I just say that even though this book was just a tad less creative in the sex department, at least with the main characters, they still had some hot scenes. They joined the mile high club and almost brought down the plane with both their powers; the back of an SUV after playing and training with her powers; he sits down at the kitchen table to have dessert *THUD*

So yeah, I liked the main characters in this one. I felt bad for Melanie, I hated Phoebe she was a total bitch! And let me warn you, Phoebe does get a little rough and there might be some scenes where you can’t believe they went that far with what she was allowed to do, but that was still ok with me.

Now let me get to my favorite characters of ACRO. In every book, Creed&Annika and Dev&Gabe&Oz were also reason enough for me to keep reading. Their side storylines are amazing in my opinion. I did feel a lack of Creed and Annika in this book, we didn’t get a lot of time with them and I missed them. Annika is pregnant, Creed is stressing out about Oz’s vision that she would die if she has his child, Annika is pissed at Stryker for sleeping with Akbar’s killer. But we didn’t see a lot of Creed/Annika time.

Dev… He was my favorite character in this book! He is so intense, emotionally raw and devastatingly hot! Gabe is actually more the romantic and wants more from Dev than a booty call. Dev has to learn to cope with that and to give Gabe what he needs while still dealing with the takedown of Itor and his newly found sister(s) in ACRO’s custody. Some of the best sex, and almost sex scenes in this book are Dev & Gabe’s. Oh.My.Gawd!!!!!! HAWT! That’s all I got to say. You have to read it! And yes, there is a threesome in this one! Oz gets to have a body for just one night!!!! *THUD*

The last two or three chapters of this book had me in tears… constantly. I cried for everyone! I’m tearing up again now. It seemed like there would be no resolutions or happy endings for anybody, and my heart was breaking. It was a great ending! Full of emotion, full of action. The ACRO family is all there. But I still don’t want it to end! I can’t let go!

Favorite quotes:

“I’d miss my own crowning to be the King of England to be with you.” – Stryker

Because he’s yours, Oz whispered in his ear, even though he remained where Gabe could see him across the room. Always was – I just kept him safe for you.

“We’re all a bunch of goddamned heroes.” – Stryker

“You be safe out there, Gabriel. You hear me?”
“Yeah, I hear you. I think I finally fucking hear you,” Gabe whispered in his ear. “When I finish, I’m going to fuck you into the mattress.”

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  1. I have *got* to try this series! Thanks for the review. You are going to make my wallet sad… since I’m now going to have to go out and get this series.

  2. I loved this book- it was an excellent addition and finale to the series. The only thing wrong was it was the last book in an excellent series which I never wanted to end. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. So, its will like Demonica then? When I read the last page of Sin Undone, I’m so sad to say goodbye for all Sem brothers. I hope both Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler will write about ACRO again!
    Great review Fran! =)