“Good God Almighty – just when you think Witt and Voinov couldn’t write anything hotter than QUID PRO QUO, they prove you wrong with the ever-scorching TAKE IT OFF.” ~Under the Covers

Good God Almighty – just when you think Witt and Voinov couldn’t write anything hotter than QUID PRO QUO, they prove you wrong with the ever-scorching TAKE IT OFF.

TAKE IT OFF picks up a little while after QUID, and we again find Tristan and Jared at the Market Garden waiting for some work to come their way.  Since their insanely sexy-hot time together in QUID, they have become the guys that clients love to hire together to fulfill their fantasies.  And that seems to suit these fellows just fine, especially Tristan.  Tristan was the one with major experience under his belt (pun not intended) in QUID, and Jared both looked up to and had a crush on him.  In this installment of the series, it seems that the reverse has happened.  Jared is a lot more confident in himself now, he has an extra (and very sexy) strut in his step, and he doesn’t hesitate with calling some of the shots.  Working with Tristan in QUID was a dream come true for Jared, but now, Tristan is the one we see who wants Jared.  It may be just due to the change in perspective (in TAKE, everything is told from Tristan’s point-of-view), but I love the way that Witt and Voinov have done it, and changed it up for the reader.

Enter Rolex, the same john who hired them in QUID.  He comes back and hires Jared and Tristan for what will hope to be another amazing night where Tristan gets Jared all to himself and doesn’t have to share.  Rolex is a voyeur, after all.  However, the john does change things up a bit, and holy crap, he changes it up so very, very well!  The change puts a lot of power in Jared’s hands, and we get to see him tease Tristan and pay him back for the how he teased and drove Jared crazy previously.  Jared’s skills and confidence ooze right off the page, as do the effects that they have on Tristan.  And trust me when I say that all of that oozes right off the page and doubly effects the reader.  *PHEW!*

TAKE IT OFF is an extremely and insanely sexy story.  While it is a short story and fully erotic, Witt and Voinov are able to master telling the story so that the plot is as strong and well-developed as the scorching sex.  Having things told from Tristan’s point of view also gave the reader insight into his sexy mind, and it was nice to see that he has a healthy dose of a crush on Jared, just like we saw from Jared in QUID.  And without giving it away, I’ll just say that I am so thankful to Rolex for deciding to take advantage of Jared’s major skill set to seduce Tristan (and himself).  Witt and Voinov wrote it so well, I could picture every moment beautifully in my mind.  So, run – don’t walk – to your favorite e-book retailer and get this book.  It is one not to be missed, and I cannot wait to read the next!

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