I have been anticipating Micah’s book since the book one and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the route Maya Banks took with this book.

Micah is a sexy Dom who likes to flirt. Going into this book, I was expecting to see more of that charmer personality. However, Banks shows us a different side to Micah. He has lost his wife and his best friend in a car accident and it is such a crushing loss to him because they shared a special relationship and understanding. Though Micah was married to Hannah, he shared his wife his with his best friend, David. When they both died, Micah was left alone and only David’s younger sister knew about the truth of their special relationship.

Years later, Angelina is now an older woman, comfortable with her sexuality and so in a desperate attempt to find Micah again and escape her past, she heads to Houston. Unfortunately, Micah still sees Angelina as David’s younger sister and nearly throws an aneurysm when he sees her at The House being flogged by another man.

Though Angelina constantly pushes Micah, he pushes back and their relationship soon becomes strained. Though I liked reading about the darker side of Micah, I didn’t think that this conflict was fleshed out enough. I would have liked to see a bit more on how they come to understand each other.

 In addition to the conflict between Angelina and Micah, there is also a suspense subplot that runs through this book. A stalker is out to get Angelina and now he is threatening her new friends as well. I have to say that I enjoyed this because it brought together the group together and we got to see previous couples return. There are some updates on past couples so it was neat to read about those familiar characters. I especially loved reading about Damon and Serena again.

And lastly, I have to mention how hot this book is! It is scorching-singed-your-fingers-hot! I know some may not be comfortable with the sharing partners deal, but this is Micah we are talking about. He has a past lending his woman to others so I don’t see why that would suddenly change with Angelina. I have to say that out of all the men that Angelina was with Cole was the one who stood out to me. I can’t wait to read about him!

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