Review: Sweet Deal by Kelly Jamieson

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Review: Sweet Deal by Kelly Jamieson
Sweet Deal
Book Info

Released: June 12, 2012
Genre: Erotic Romance
Pages: 253



Shelby Leighton and Jake Magil have made a deal, he will be her pretend boyfriend to scare of her boss who seems to be a little too friendly and they will have all the benefits of a relationship, without the actual relationship. They have both been burned one too many times to want to jump into anything serious. But, how long will the “pretend” part last they have sweet deal, but maybe the real thing could be even sweeter.

This was a good quick read. It had a likable main couple with some steaming hot chemistry and who you knew would be perfect together. I liked that beneath the steaming hot sex, they also had a sweet romance going on as well.

Although this was a little but predictable, it was still a fun read and I enjoyed it.

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