Gwen is on vacation on a tropical island with her friends.  On their last night her friend tells her that she called a blind date service so they could have one night to fulfill their fantasies, and her night is on the island.  They leave her alone at the bar to wait for Mr. Hot-and-Sexy to come sweep her off her feet.

Her ultimate fantasy is to have a rich guy shower her with attention and have a passionate night on a private island.  There is a second part to her fantasy which is that this rich man will decide to make her his wife so she doesn’t have to go back to her cocktail waitress job in Vegas.  But for this one night she has Evan.

Evan actually owns the resort that she’s staying at and is the most eligible bachelor she could’ve asked for.  His uncle signed him up for the service and now he just wants to go for it and have fun.  But he doesn’t want her to know who he is.
Evan truly had a seductive night planned out, with even sex on the beach.  But somehow they developed feelings a bit too quickly for me.  The romantic connection for me was just thrown in at the end because it had to be there.  I might’ve been happier with the fact that it was just one night.  I also didn’t care for the heroine as much because I really couldn’t figure out if she really fell in love with Evan, the man, instead of the lavishing lifestyle he showed her that one night.

It was still an entertaining and really short read, perfect for my in between books!

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  1. Good review, I too have issues when romantic connections are made too quickly in a book but that is also part of the appeal of the 1Night Stand series – that and the fact they can be read so quickly. Thanks for sharing

  2. I’ve always thought this series was tricky because of how to make these short stories’ Happily Ever Afters work in 1NS.

    Thanks for sharing your review!