Ms. Law was brilliant with writing heartfelt scenes that had me in tears. This story is of love, betrayals and second chances. Ultimately, it tugged at all my heartstrings in the late hours of the night.” ~Under the Covers Book Blog

It’s not a surprise that Sugar Springs is a 2013 RITA finalist in Contemporary Single Title Romance. It’s well deserved as this book is such an amazing read. Ms. Law was brilliant with writing heartfelt scenes that had me in tears. This story is of love, betrayals and second chances. Ultimately, it tugged at all my heartstrings in the late hours of the night.

Lee Ann London had her heart broken by her high school love, Cody Dalton and betrayed by her half sister, Stephanie. Unfortunately, she found out in the worst kind of way… catching them in the act. As cruelty goes, Cody left town and later, Stephanie delivers twin girls before she passed away from Cancer. Lee Ann has been raising the twins as her own since they were born; the good person that she was. She has had it rough but managed well with the help of her mother and friends from this small town.

On the other hand, we have Cody, who left town shortly after the drama with Stephanie and Lee Ann. He’s had it rough too, but he’s made something of himself and became a veterinarian. Turns out that there is more to the story of what Lee Ann believed. Now that Cody is back in town to cover for a local Vet, well, let just say he will open up several cans of worms during his visit.

Most of us have regrets in high school, and most of them you just cannot take back. With Lee Ann and Cody, well, what happened between them was definitely life altering. I love that they got their second chance at love, and they had a chance to right their wrongs. I am in awe at Lee Ann’s survival from the heartache and hardship with her girls. It really takes quite a woman to bear what she did all these years. Cody, is your typical jock who thinks only with his “other” brain, and I really hated him for that. What a crock of shit that he was seduced into doing it with Stephanie, an unforgivable mistake. My heart just broke for Lee Ann. But, I guess, in Cody’s defense, he has come back to Sugar Springs a different man. He is still broken from his childhood past, but overall he had become a very responsible and commendable man. If I were Lee Ann, can I forgive him? Probably not. But it’s not my story, and in their case, it was meant to be. I do admit their love reunion was quiet romantic.

As I said, this novel tugged at my heartstrings among other things. Ms. Law, not only brought on good drama, she had included good humor and definitely a few steamy scenes. The secondary characters were funny and engaging.  I devoured this book and I cannot wait to do the same with Sweet Nothings which is book Two.  It’s projected release date is September 24, 2013.

*Review provided by Montlake in exchange for my honest review

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  1. Thank you for the terrific review, Angela!!! I’m thrilled to see it out here, but even more thrilled that you loved it! Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

  2. Cheating is always a big no-no for me because of the affect it has on others, but on the other hand I tend to be forgiving because I’d like to think that we can come back from our mistakes. I guess that is part of the appeal of a second chance romance.

    Thanks for sharing your thought. I might have to give this one a try.

    1. I have to butt in here because I think you just hit it in the head. I just finished a book that has cheating and I kept thinking how is it that I’m rooting for her to be forgiven and have an HEA? And it’s the hoping that people can come back from their mistakes after realizing how much they’ve hurt others around them. 🙂 ~Francesca

      1. I’m not much for cheating book either. But in this case, there’s a big story behind it. This book is not NA kind nor does it have the angst you hear with cheating type of books. And Fran is right…it is that hope that they can come back from their mistakes. =) ~Angela

  3. Great review! I’ve never read anything by this author and will have to check out her books – like Sophia i’m not big on cheater books but this does sound interesting