“STEPBROTHER DEAREST is a quick read and it was overall enjoyable.”
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This book has been sitting on my shelf since it came out.  I originally bought the ebook because in a sense this was the first very successful “stepbrother” book I saw.  But when I didn’t read it right away and the rest of them started coming out, I felt like it may be sleezy like those looked.  So I kept putting it off.  And it’s finally time for me to get it off my TBR!

Since then, I’ve read a few things by this author and I have enjoyed them so I was curious as to what my take on this one would be.  And I can say it wasn’t all that.  I actually enjoyed the story in STEPBROTHER DEAREST.  Granted, this is not the first time I read about stepbrothers falling in love.  I mean, this was a thing even from way back in the day when I read the trope written by Lora Leigh.  What I did enjoy about this book is that it doesn’t necessarily focus on the physical relationship between Greta and Elec.  So, no, it’s not a stepbrother porn where they are banging like rabbits just because they live in the same house.  Color me happily surprised! To be honest, I don’t find this topic so taboo.  They are not related after all, so what’s so difficult to understand that they may like each other just like any other two people!

As I find it’s usual with Ms. Ward’s books, there’s a “before” and “after” feel to this book.  It was nice to see them connect when they were teenagers, and then reconnect as adults.  I can’t say the characters were “mature” adults, but they didn’t get on my nerves like some new adult characters can.

Now, do I think this was worth the big hype it got?  Not quite.  It didn’t blow my mind in any way.  The characters were not all that memorable and I didn’t find anything exceptionally hot about them together.  But I’m glad that I read it to clear my misconceptions.  STEPBROTHER DEAREST is a quick read and it was overall enjoyable.  But it definitely didn’t leave me running to get the next stepbrother book like crack.   I must be lacking a gene or something. 😉




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  1. There is only one step brother book I’ve read that I can remember so this may not be my trope… thanks for the review