“I cannot recommend this book enough” ~Under the Covers
I knew this before, but after reading “Starfish and Coffee,” I have decided that I will absolutely read EVERYTHING that Kele Moon writes, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will love it as well!  When I heard that Moon wrote a stand alone m/m book, I just couldn’t wait to get my hot little hands on it, and she didn’t disappoint in the least – “Starfish and Coffee” was just amazing, and is definitely a keeper for the re-read pile!

Starfish is a beautiful story of love found, love lost, and love found again.  Moon begins the story in the present day, where we meet Alex Hunter, utterly heartbroken.  When I begin to tear up at the outset of the book, I know I’m in for a phenomenal story.  Before long, she takes us back six years to tell the tale.

Alex Hunter has lived his entire life on Mirabella Island.  He has always known he was gay, but he never came out to anyone with the exception of his best friend, Holly.  Not even his brother.  Regardless, he was happy with his life on the island, working as a cook at Frank’s diner.  For some, it wasn’t much of an aspiration, but for him it was enough.  One day, Matt Tarrington, college graduate and heir to Tarrington department stores begins to work alongside Alex at Frank’s.  While Alex has always thought the snowbird was extremely attractive, he believed Matt to be straight, and also found himself annoyed with Matt’s rich and posh lifestyle.  As Alex began training Matt in the diner, however, they also forged somewhat of a friendship that, before long, turned into an incredibly sexy and beautiful relationship.  Not only did they finally catch the Marlin that Alex has always hoped for, they also captured each other.  There was just one problem – Matt’s mother.  When she caught wind of her son’s relationship with Alex, she did everything in her power to see to its demise.  Five years later, Matt has returned to Mirabella, and he’s searching for some answers.

Watching the friendship and eventual relationship form between Alex and Matt was just beautiful.  It was amazing to watch them get to know each other, enjoy each other’s company, and discover things together as a couple.  They had some serious chemistry, and once they finally got together – WOW!!  On fire!!  Unexpectedly, too, Alex was quite dominant in the relationship.  With Matt having been straight as an arrow prior to Alex, I would have assumed that he would be the likely top in their relationship, but no sir!  Matt readily gave Alex the reins and let him take control, and Alex had some super, dirty, sexy ways about himself that were off-the-charts hot!!  Matty’s reaction sums it up beautifully: “Matt grunted in shock, ’cause that was…Disgusting…So very wrong…The hottest fucking thing he’d ever seen in his life.”  Yes, please, and thank you!!

Moon provides the reader with a year of their life together – a year of beautiful love that was so very believable.  Unfortunately, their separation was as believable as it was utterly heartbreaking. But thank God Matt decided to come back five years later, and thank God for Holly, an amazing friend and peripheral character that was so fun to read.  I envy her for her relationship with Alex – they were one the most adorable set of besties I have ever read – and with her help, Alex and Matt may find the happiness they both long for and deserve.

Overall, I cannot recommend this book enough.  My only complaint is that it was over way too quickly.  However, even though it was shorter than most novels, Moon wove a beautiful tale of friendship, love, conflict, and coming back together.  I didn’t feel like anything was rushed or unrealistic.  She makes you feel for her characters, and I just loved every minute of it.  This book is definitely a keeper and set on my re-read pile.  I cannot wait to visit Mirabella Island again, very soon!

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    1. You definitely should, Annette – she writes amazing stuff. Her other series that I have read and loved is the Eden series, which involves a M/M/F relationship and some serious BDSM. I just loved it, though. And Starfish was such a beautiful M/M story. Enjoy!!

  1. I haven’t had a chance to read this author yet though a few of her books are on my wish list. Great review! I’m adding this book to my wish list too.