I may have a girl crush on Savannah! This is the second book with her as the narrator, and I just love her! I love her personality, her spunk. She starts to do some growing up in this book. First of all, picking up right where Waking the Witch left off, she doesn’t have any powers. And this is not the best time to be left without them as she is still dealing with a witch hunter.

But that is not the only threat her and Adam are facing in this book. Some of the previous storylines come back into play (immortality seekers, witch hunters, prophecies), some characters from previous books come back! Almost every character in the series makes an appearance! I don’t want to give too much away, but lets just say that while Savannah is struggling to figure out how to regain her powers, she might get kidnapped, again, save a certain vampire, get drunk with a HOT demon on more than one occasion, and struggle with some major things with certain members of her family.

I definitely think this book was perfect to tie in lose ends and set up the last book. Yes, Kelley Armstrong has only been contracted to write 13 books, so the next one will be the last as far as we know. *pouts and makes a sad face* But I can tell it’ll be amazing!

Savannah and Adam? Yes he will be her HEA, but there isn’t a whole lot happening between them in this one. We do get one hot and emotional kiss, and a moment that I thought would be promising when they are both drunk and she falls asleep in his lap. Adam is adorable! He cares for Savannah so much, he really shows her he would put her above anything, protect her, take care of her and I can’t wait to see them as a couple.

Savannah also realizes that she may not treat him with the respect that he deserves. So she has to change her ways.

Some of my favorite lines in this book though, came from Cassandra! Who would’ve thought? I loved her character in this book. I think is so cute that she’s dating Aaron again to start with, and that has made her be a little bit more friendly. One of my favorite moments was when she texted Savannah if they really needed to talk to Eloise because she was soooo “O.M.G. I’m so excited to meet a vampire! fangirl”.

So the final book I think will revolve around a “prophecy” that involves Savannah, Elena’s twins, Rhy’s grandchild, Jaz. This group we meet in this book thinks that it’s time for supernaturals to rule the world. To come out in the open and have humans submit to them. I am really excited to see what happens with this as it seems it will be the final battle.

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