“Suspense and a bit of urban fantasy feel, mixed with the perfect amount of sensuality.” ~Under the Covers

I picked up this book on a whim.  I saw the cover and it compelled me to buy it.  I’ve always loved stories about succubi.  Even though they can sometimes be cheesy because, by definition, they need sex to survive!  And although SOUL STRIPPER is a bit cheesy and at parts had me skimming, I enjoyed the plot quite a bit.  Suspense and a bit of urban fantasy feel, mixed with the perfect amount of sensuality.

Monica is a cool character.  Not your typical human turned succubi after doing something horrible, she was an angel who fell for love.  Albeit, the wrong man.  She is now the typical emo succubi.  She hates the fact that she has to take life from her sex partners and always tries to do it from men that are not as pure of heart.  So she finds her victims at a strip club she works at.  There’s enough of a suspense element added to this story when immortals are turning up dead around Monica and she might be the next candidate.  It shakes up the immortal community because they are facing the fact that yes they can be killed.  And someone, in particular, is targeting her.

The sex is there and quite a bit of it.  Succubi, remember?  Even though at times I could’ve done with maybe one or two sex scenes less, I think overall it was a good mix.  I loved her interactions with her day job boss, Drew, whom she’s stayed away from because his soul is too pure for her to take.

This book also has a great mix of fun secondary characters.  Julian, a beautiful angel who has been in love with Monica and still tries to bend the rules for her.  Kayce, her BFF.  Lucien, her demon boss.  And George, an incubi who has a taste for men.

Then we get to the ending…there’s no HEA.  Yes, this is a series and we will continue with this story in book two (which I’m now obligated to read to see what happens next) but there’s no cute bow to ties things in the end of this story.  So if that’s not your thing, you may want to steer clear.  I, for one, am interested in the next and will be getting it.  Even though this story I think didn’t reach it’s full potential, I have hopes for the next one to get there.

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  1. I’ve wanted to read this one for a while now. Glad I read your review, now I won’t be as eager as I was to pick it up but if I do happen across it…