Review: Some Like It Wild by M. Leighton

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Review: Some Like It Wild by M. Leighton
Some Like It Wild
Book Info

Released: March 4, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 7 hrs and 5 mins
Pages: 384

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“It was just ok…” ~Under the Covers

I seem to do this to myself all the time.  I blame the hot covers!  I have had the same reaction to reading most of M. Leighton’s books in the past and at the end of the day, SOME LIKE IT WILD was very much like other books I’ve read by her.  It was just ok.  Nothing stood out, and quite frankly I was a bit annoyed at parts of the story and characters.

I’m not a fan of the storyline of a bad boy that thinks he’s too bad for the girl he likes but wants to work her out of his system for a short period of time so that he can then move on to the next.  Read it too often, I can probably count in one hand the times that I’ve enjoyed it.  Heroes, just get over yourselves and your big bad self!  Let a woman make up her own mind and you just go for what you want.  Especially when there’s nothing really substantial in your past to justify that.

OK, sorry had to get that out.  So our heroine, Laney, is the preacher’s daughter.  She’s always done what her father expected but now that she discovered her fiance had cheated on her with her best friend, she figures it’s time that she lets loose for once and acts a bit wild.  And ever since high school she’s had the hots for Jake, so this proves to be the perfect opportunity to get the bad boy and just have some fun.

After I got past my annoyance at the storyline, and I had given up on reading it and pushed it aside as a DNF around 30% before my OCD kicked in and forced me to finish it, I did managed to enjoy some of it.  Jake and Laney can be hot together, even if they’re not very memorable.

I have come to the conclusion that I won’t continue reading this author.  Not that it’s bad, but I haven’t found one book yet to completely take me on a ride and ultimately that’s what I’m looking for.  Now, here’s to hoping I can actually stick to it.

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  1. thanks for the honest review francesca….i was debating trying something from this author and i think i’ll pass

  2. I’m really not a fan of negative reviews, if you don’t like a book don’t review or endorse it but I have to say I’m slightly offended by this one.

  3. I agree with covering all aspects, there have been plenty of times when I discuss things I don’t like, but I also feel that blogs should focus more on supporting authors they like, books they enjoy and not putting authors down or discouraging people from reading that author. I do appreciate the response, thank you!

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