Yes! Just look at THAT cover!  Ohhhh Danny boy!  I had a feeling I was going to like you, but I loved you! 🙂  So the Rising Star Chef competition continues and the remaining teams go to Chicago for the first real round of the competition.Danny is feeling the heat because he’s always been the teams Mom and now with Jules and Max a little preoccupied on other things he’s picking up the slack.  But he’s only human after all and his body is a traitorous thing because he seems to always gravitate toward the spoiled little rich girl, and the host for the competition, Eva Jensen.

But actually Eva is not what she pretends to be.  She’s put on this act or mask all throughout her life but truly she’s just a little girl looking for appreciation and understanding.  And Danny knows all about that, he feels much the same way about his role in his family.

In their very different worlds these characters were a lot alike and I can only say that these two had some amazing chemistry!

This is still a fluffy contemporary read but I enjoyed it a lot more than the first book.  I truly liked both characters and I’m sooo intrigued with the secondary story brewing in the background here which was the setup for the next book.  Beck and Skye have some history and I can’t wait to see what it is.

And speaking of secondary stories, the saga continues between Kane and Claire.  I understand a bit more where the first book came from because I thought we were going to be left hanging but now I see their story will develop throughout the series.  And I really liked them in this book.  She’s older and more sophisticated, he’s the young rockstar.  Some highs and some lows with them in this book, I’m ready for the next one.

Favorite quote:
“Saint fucking Danny, patron of horny, self-denying chefs.”

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