“It was jaw-dropping and reeled me into this equally amazing book from the get-go.” ~ Under the Covers

For anyone who has read Rhys Ford, it should be common knowledge that all of her books have simply amazing openings.  Sinner’s Gin was no exception.  The prologue was short and sweet, but it was jaw-dropping and reeled me into this equally amazing book from the get-go.

Miki St. James had it all.  He was the lead singer in a Grammy-winning hit band whose popularity was only on the up-and-up.  But within an instant, he lost everything.  Kane Morgan, a detective with the San Francisco Police Department, owns warehouse space adjacent to Miki’s warehouse-converted home, and through the wily ways of one mutt dog, Dude (who is awesome by the way!), Kane meets his neighbor while Miki is still recovering, both mentally and physically, from his tragic accident.  The two don’t get along at first, yet there is something that draws both of them to each other.

Sadly, it seems that tragedy surrounds Miki, so there is a continued police presence at his house, and Kane reaches out to him as a friend rather than just a protective cop.  Through the investigation of a dead body found in Miki’s garage, we find out that while Miki had recently had money and fame, his life wasn’t always one of luxury.  He was orphaned and taken into foster homes where he was repeatedly abused.  Kane, on the other hand, grew up in a large and loving family.  The abuse that Miki had suffered as a child only pulls on Kane’s heartstrings some more, and it doesn’t take long before he is enamored with the singer, and while it takes a little bit longer for Miki, the feeling is soon reciprocated.

I truly adored this book, and both Kane and Miki as well.  While there was a spark of attraction for each other during their first couple of meetings, they developed a friendship before falling into bed with each other, which I just love in my books.  I loved reading their exchanges and banter, and seeing that they had such great chemistry.  Ford truly writes so marvelously, I often found myself smiling, laughing hysterically, or on the verge of tears with most every page.  Mostly there is great wit and humor throughout the book, and it is done so well.  Even when the stakes are down and things aren’t looking good, she knows how to write in some really great dialogue.  And if not humorous and witty, it is touching and sweet.

Here is one such example from the book that captures both the humor and the endearing qualities of both men so perfectly:

“Fuck, that was nice,” Miki finally gasped.

“Nice?” Kane muttered….”Fucking hell, it was more than nice. You wore me out, and I get nice?”

“Yeah, nice.” Mike turned his head, sleepily winking at the man lying next to him.  “Maybe next time, we can aim for pretty good.”

“What do I have to do to get a fucking fantastic?”  Kane eyed his lover suspiciously.

“Make me forget my name,” he murmured, his green eyes gleaming with satiation.

“Deal.”  He chuckled, rolling over to give Miki a slow, simmering kiss.  “Just so long as you don’t forget mine, Miki love, because you’re going to be screaming it for a very long time.”

And as you might have guessed from the excerpt above, Miki and Kane share some really, truly, very hot sexy time together!  They sizzle the pages with eroticism, passion, and love – my favorite combination.

In addition to Kane and Miki, the peripheral characters were equally as great.  I just loved Sanchez, Kane’s partner on the force.  He and his discussion of the motor pool was truly hysterical.  And then there is Kane’s family who are just wonderful.  He has a whole cast of siblings, mostly brothers, and loving Irish parents who accept him being gay, and welcome Miki into the family with open arms, even though Miki is quite scared of that at first.

With all that Miki has endured in his life, it is very difficult for him to believe that someone truly loves and cares for him, but Kane comes through and shows him that Miki can learn to trust him, that he is not going anywhere.  I look forward to reading more about Miki and Kane, and hope to see more of them in the series.

Oh, and before I forget, Ford ends Sinner’s Gin just as shockingly as she began it.  For those readers who don’t like cliffhangers, know that Miki and Kane’s story ends, and ends well, but the very ending of the book gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in the series, and I for one, cannot wait!

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    1. LOL- welcome aboard the m/m train!! it’s an addicting ride!! 🙂 Definitely check Ford out – this book and her “Dirty” series are great!!

    1. yay!! i hope you enjoy it, Annie! Definitely check out her “Dirty” series, too – it is series that follows the same couple, and I just love them! Dirty Kiss and Dirty Secret are books 1 and 2; Dirty Laundry will be out in a few months. 🙂