“SILVER THAW is an emotional, character driven, story full of heart.”
~ Under the Covers

This series has been on my radar for a while because the covers are just gorgeous, but for some reason or another it kept getting pushed to the bottom of my TBR.

SILVER THAW is an emotional, character driven, story full of heart.  You can’t help but feel something for our heroine and want her to get a happy ending.  Amanda ran away from her abusive husband with her child and has been hiding out in a different state, living with the bare minimum and not trusting anyone.  A snowstorm brings Jeb to her door, a real life hero, there to rescue them even if he doesn’t know it yet.

Snowbound stories usually can be a little cookie cutter, but this isn’t one of those.  I loved how we got to see who both Jeb and Amanda are as people and how they both have their own life and issues to deal with.  I wanted Amanda to be safe but I also fell in love with Jeb because he’s just a genuinely good guy.  No need for over the top alphas here.  This is a pretty straightforward story but it was an entertaining ride that felt sweet even amongst the harder topics it dealt with.

I’m excited to continue reading more of this series and get to see more of Jeb’s family, hopefully.  This was certainly what I was looking for to curl up under a blanket with while the weather is frosty outside.




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