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Jessica Sorensen is easily one of my favorite authors I discovered this year. Her NA Contemporaries have  been amongst some of my top faves of 2013 so far. So I decided to further explore Sorensen’s backlist and decided to take the plunge with this book, the first in the Shattered Promises series. After some research, I believe this is a re-imaginaing of her YA book The Fallen Star, but just in a more mature, sexy way. You by no means need to read The Fallen Star in order to understand this book though.

A lot of this book reminded me of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s YA Lux series. Alex kind of reminds me of Daemon. He’s a jerkoff, a douche and a bastard all rolled into one, but there is a reason for that in the end. Gemma has lived twenty-one years without being normal. She has these vivid dreams and hallucinations while her family often neglects her. Again, it’s all for a very important reason that you will learn in this book.

I enjoyed the mythology in this book. It was unique and very different than what I have seen so far in NA and Paranormal. However, I did think the scene where Alex tells her the truth was a little overwhelming. You can tell that Sorensen spent a lot of time planning this series but it was a lot of load to handle all out once. It did, though, make me relate to Gemma’s character a lot involving the confusion and the anxiety, so maybe it was intentional 😉

Sorensen has a knack for creating interesting characters. I love Layken, the vampire we meet later on in the book. Alex, though mean, does have a certain charm to him that makes me keep coming back for more. And Gemma, I liked her toughness and her vulnerability. She’s imperfect and that’s going to give Sorensen a lot of room to grow.

The book does end in a cliff-hanger so I am definitely going to check out book two, FRACTURED SOULS.

P.S. The new covers!? Wow.

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