I love this series, with each new book I am treated to a smorgasbord of alien delights ~ Under the Covers

Nina is having a pretty normal day when the almost seven foot tall Kindred walks in and kidnaps her. He does seem familiar though, but he can’t possibly be the man she has been dreaming about; the man who scares and arouses her at the same time. Reddix, a Touch Kindred, needs a the blood of a woman with a pure heart and healing hands if he is going to cure his Reverse Touch Syndrome (RTS), which means he can feel everyone’s emotions physically on his skin. But he never expects the Earth woman to capture his heart and his lust with her strength and compassion. But without the cure her blood will provide he will die, but can he sacrifice the only woman who he could ever love?

Another Kindred book! I love this series, with each new book I am treated to a smorgasbord of alien delights, I have had fangs, double cock, sexy twins and now I have Reddix, the gorgeous Touch Kindred who knows the best use for his tongue, amongst other things.

This book doesn’t actually differ that much from the rest of the Brides of Kindred series, but  it mixture of fun, angst and sexy is a winner for me so I don’t mind that it is slightly repetitious with its story line. What I’m reading for is the sexy alien and watching him woo the Earth girl he can life bond with and Reddix and Nina didn’t disappoint, they were great together. Her compassion soothed the rough edges of his personality and experiences and in return he loved the hell out of her.

What I also like about this series is that you get to have a little catch up with the previous characters and see them welcoming the next couple into the fold lending these books the cozy sense of coming home as you greet old and new friends.

If you haven’t started this series and you want something with humour, steamy alien sex and lots of fun, then you need to give Brides of Kindred a go, it will leave you with a smile on your face and a longing to be abducted by the alien man of your dreams!

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