I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! What can I say! I love Devyn’s character. He’s sexy, he’s sweet, he’s funny, he’s hot, he’s self-centered, and he thinks he’s God’s gift to women… And I’ve been waiting for his book since he showed up in this series in book 2.

I really enjoyed this story, so far my favorite in the series, but they get better with each book. I definitely recommend the Alien Huntress series to everyone. The alien angle is done perfectly, and it’s a great and different take on paranormal romance.

Devyn is actually paired with “Bride”, a vampire living on the surface, who doesn’t know any other vampires, and has much to learn about her own culture and world. She’s actually pretty likeable and kick ass. She’s had to basically survive on her own, with only one friend, her shapeshifter friend, Aleaha.

Bride has been having problems feeding, or keeping blood down. In her search for Aleaha she finds Devyn. And for the love of everything that’s holy he cannot understand why she doesn’t fall at his feet drooling and wanting him. But the attraction is there from the first moment.

Devyn will come to teach her many things about her race, as well as risking his own life to take her underground to find out who she really is.

I loved the part where Bride goes into McKell’s room and Devyn ends up following her and having sex, all the while Devyn knowing that McKell can hear them! Mean… so mean! LOL

I also thought it was soooo cute the friendship and bond that has developed between Devyn and Dallas. They are BFFs!! And Devyn is loyal to his BFFs!

Favorite quote:

“I’m very good at math. Example: Devyn plus Bride minus clothes plus a hard, flat surface multiplied by roaming hands equals greatest pleasure ever. When shall we begin?”

This is a must read! And I can’t wait to read more about the vampire world in the next book. Also, I can’t wait to read Dallas’s book, it all sounded VERY interesting in this one, and he’s been one of my favorite characters from the beginning.

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