This book took me by surprise. First, it doesn’t really follow in the storyline of book 1 that much; yes it could pretty much be read as a standalone. Second, we don’t the see much of the Chosen, which were a big part of the first book.Rush “Ender” is HOT! I mean, literally. He’s kept quiet about his mysterious power of burning this, his body overheats, he causes fires, he burns things and people. He’s lived his whole life isolated because of this. Not even his closest friends and teammates for the IM (Interplanetary Militia) know about this.

He is assigned to “save” the princess and heir to the throne of Allay. Princess Ambrea is not your standard royal. She grew up away from court. Her father would’ve preferred she didn’t exist and she was treated that way. Now with her father dead, she needs to be eliminated.

Of course the IM’s job is to police the Three Worlds, and they want a fair chance for Ambrea Vas Allay to make her claim for the throne and ruler of Allay. Rush just needs to break her out of some pretty nasty catacombs, then out of her world and safely into the hands of the IM council.

I liked the fact that in their own way, both characters were strong yet innocent. Yes, they are both virgins, obviously each for their own reasons, but it gave them a sense of comfort.

For all that Ambrea seems like a breakable little girl, she can be strong when she needs to be and go after what she wants (i.e. Rush!)

We didn’t get a lot of sex scenes in this book BUT when we did get it, it went on for what it seemed like forever! Good and bad.

In general I liked this story, it had some action, even though at times it dragged a bit too slow and things became a bit repetitive. As usual, I’m interested in Justice’s story and I was happy to see Ravenna and Bronse as part of this story.

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  1. i still haven’t read any book from her and i was a bit afraid since it’s a serie but you say i could be a stand alone so i think i will give it a try

    thanks you


  2. I enjoyed the review as I haven’t read this book and was curious. Maybe we should call him ‘Flame’ like in Fantastic Four instead of Rush or not since he’s trying to play it low key. (-;


  3. I loved the first book and just got my hands on this one, but I gotta say I’m a little nervous. I liked Ender’s character in the first book and I loved the entire team of The Chosen. Hopefully we will get to see more of them later


  4. Great review again hon. I like that this can be read as a standalone, but I prefer to read it in order nonetheless. I can’t help it LOL! Their backstories sound pretty sad and I like that will give them some depth and make me relate to them quicker. I like that the characters are both strong and innocent. Overall, I can’t wait to check this out. May drag a bit, but still Thank you so much for the awesome review 🙂

    drharleyquinn87 (at) gmail (dot) com