Where to start with the things about this book that hit a great spot with me?  Well, for one this series revolves around a family in a small town.  However this is no ordinary family, their mother is a Hollywood star, they own a succesful vineyard, they’re some of the most looking people in town, they own a resort, yeah, way above average right there.  But they are all so nice and with a wonderful feeling of family unit.

They’re of italian descent, and from the north of Italy more specifically.  Me being northern italian and seeing a lot of people always show us with the wrong stereotypes, I was very happy to see that the ways this family was portrayed, the things they say, the way the act, and even the food they eat, was very accurate!  And I enjoyed the food descriptions in the book, they were making me hungry!!  Polenta, prosciutto wrapped canteloupe, and all with a nice glass of wine! *sigh*

Now the story is a bit of romantic suspense actually.  Someone is after the Di Luca’s, starting with the grandmother being attacked, a dead body shows up, among other things.  Rafe Di Luca has been away for a long time, after being in the military now he has his own private security type firm.  He comes back to investigate what’s going on in his town and with his family.

To do this he enlists the help of his old high school flame and the girl he hasn’t been able to forget.  Brooke is now working at his family’s resort and they’re relationship had ended because she couldn’t deal with his profession.

The sparks are still there between them, and between fighting them and giving in they will also have to catch whoever is after Rafe’s family.  Overall, I enjoyed the story, the intrigue, and the family most of all, so I am looking forward to reading the next book about the sexy Di Luca brothers.

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