“This may be where my Kricket journey ends.”
~ Under the Covers

Last year this series was recommended to me and although the first book didn’t blow me away as I was expecting based on the reviews, I still found it had a lot of potential and a decent mix of action, sexual tension and world development.  Still, it’s been a while (over a year) since I read that and picking up SEA OF STARS after that much time did take me some time for things to come back to me.

That being said, once things get going, I was thrown for a loop by the heroine.  Maybe when I read book 1 I was in a different mood, but Kricket in this book was annoying me to the point I wanted to reach across the pages and murder her.  She makes stupid comments all the time, often when it should be an important moment.  She is the end all be all and she feels like it too.  In this installment, now that she has to deal with serious things, she just came across as a little girl playing at being the tough chick she wants to be.  And failing for the most part.  This is a heroine put in a position that has the potential for being awesome and delivering a great story.  I think she falls quite short of that.

Another thing that gets dragged on here is the love triangle.  Insta-love galore in terms of both guys, but we sort of knew that.  This angle was another thing that kept bothering me about this story throughout.  There is quite a bit of focus I think on the “romance” aspect and I wanted the focus to be more on the world development and what was going on.

And that brings me to the world development.  There actually is quite a bit that happens in this book.  I just can’t quite put my finger on why it feels like we didn’t move along at all in the story.  By the end, it felt as if a bunch of stuff happened that got us nowhere and I’m not that much more knowledgeable than after the first installment.  Sadly, I don’t think I’m interested enough to finish the series.  This may be where my Kricket journey ends.




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  1. I agree with your take on the story even though I liked it and continued to book 3. I think big reason I liked it was that I listened to the audio book narrated by Kate Rudd and she is one of my favorites. I think good narrators make an ok book better.