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“It’s quirky, fun, sexy and sweet.  It was a refreshing change and I think for me brought some of the fun back in the series.” ~ Under the Covers

I have a confession to make…I loved WALLBANGER but I was a little less than impressed with the sequel, RUSTY NAILED.  Yes, Simon is still to die for, but maybe he turned a little boring.  And don’t get me started on crazy Caroline and her issues.  So I was so very excited to see this book was about another couple and double excited that it was about that little spitfire I loved to read about in RUSTY NAILED.

Vivian works as a software designer, she has a very successful company on her own, which follows in the footsteps of what her father does for a living.  But she’s a self made kind of girl.  Smart and kick ass.  And a free spirit.  Everything I adore!  But she’s still looking for that special something that she can’t put her finger on.  That something missing in her life.

When she inherits a home in California from an aunt she hadn’t had contact in a while, she decides maybe this is the opportunity to live out her romantic fantasies.  Ah, yes.  A romance book lover, who imagines everything in her life will play out like the romances she reads.  Especially if they involve a cowboy.  So she takes on the challenge, moves out to California, sells her company and decides to start a new chapter in her life.

But this house comes with baggage.  Issues upon issues that she will have to take care of and deal with.  And the biggest issue is librarian, Clark Barrow.  He’s the head of the historical society and is there every step of the way telling her what she can and cannot do.  All while looking sexy in his dusty glasses.  Side note here: I’m not quite sure the author had to keep describing his glasses and dusty because it kept throwing me off the hot Clark persona!  OK rant over.

I loved everything about the interactions between Clark and Vivian. They are complete opposites and somehow they matched.  They are fun together.  Her bringing out the fun in him, and him trying to tame the wild child.  And all of that while Vivian is living out her romantic fantasy in her head about bedding the hot, studly cowboy.  This book is the perfect example that sometimes looks are not all that they’re cracked up to be.  And being with someone that can make you laugh and if you end up stuck in a house together without power, you would actually have a good time.

While this book read a little more like chick lit because, although there’s quite a bit of sexual tension, there wasn’t a whole lot happening, I still loved it.  It’s quirky, fun, sexy and sweet.  It was a refreshing change and I think for me brought some of the fun back in the series.  I can’t wait to see what the next installment brings now!


WallbangerBook 1 Rusty NailedBook 2 ScrewdriveredBook 3 Mai Tai'd UpBook 4

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  1. This series has been hit and miss for me too lol!! 🙂

    Still – Audiobook!!!

    I love them, the perfect thing to help you sleep when you’re tired or have aching eyes!! 😛 Which happens a lot if you read vociferously 🙂 Plus they’re good for long trips when driving ….. I’ve nothing bad to say about them – well except for the price of course lol !! 😀

  2. I read Wallbanger & loved it, but I haven’t gotten to the 2nd or 3rd books. Glad you liked this one! I have the books stacked on my TBR for soon!

  3. I loved Wallbanger too, but I didn’t love Rusty Nailed. Simon stole the show in that one, but Caroline was just annoying. There was too much manufactured drama and I can’t handle that. Haha! By the looks of your review, you liked VIvian, so that’s a plus. I immediately liked her in Rusty Nailed and was really excited to find out she was in Screwdrivered!