“Ms. Jacobs knows how to add the right amount of humor to a story and really make you love her characters.” ~ Under the Covers

Saving My Submission is the fourth book in the Doms of Genesis series and focuses on Mellie Carson, sister to Savannah from book two if you’ve been following the series. Mellie is an independent career woman, an interior designer who travels the world sourcing product and making her high powered clients happy. She heads to Chicago, home of her sister and Club Genesis, on business and meets Joshua Lars, master sculptor. Sparks fly as soon as they lay eyes on each other and a one night stand of epic proportions is born. Joshua knows from this one encounter that Mellie is hiding her true self, burying her submissive needs under a façade for protection. She’s no stranger to the BDSM world, having been hurt irrevocably in a callous display by her previous Dom. She vows never to go back to her old self. Joshua, known as Master Stephen at Club Genesis, feels a connection to Mellie he can’t deny. He’s suffered a traumatic past as well and doesn’t know if he will ever find someone made for him again. Mellie is his first hope that he can find forever again. Convincing her that she can be both strong and submissive is a task he’s up to, but when a stalker threatens Mellie’s life, the hard work really begins.

I really enjoyed this installment in the Doms of Genesis series. Ms. Jacobs knows how to add the right amount of humor to a story and really make you love her characters. She adds dimension to them in a way that really draws the reader in to their stories. Revisiting a few couples who we’ve met before was so much fun and each became an integral part of the story. Mellie is really very likeable. I could identify with her fears and her longing even if I wanted to hit her over the head for running away from Joshua. He is one romantic Dom, firm but caring, focused on his sub in every way. The sex between then is hot and sensual. The BDSM is on the lighter side, lots of focus on obedience and trust which was a welcome change for me. The suspense plot was extremely well written. It kept me guessing at EVERY turn and I was genuinely surprised by the final outcome! Ms. Jacobs is getting better and better with this series. It’s beautifully romantic while staying true to its D/s lifestyle core. I can’t wait to see the next installment. It promises to be a very emotional ride.

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