This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shifter series!  Packed full of alpha males that are funny and arrogant and so full of themselves it’s endearing.  The men in this series can make any girl melt, and of course Aric is not the exception.  If you like your heroes with a full head of beautiful long red hair, a lot of attitude, a good dose of humor, and magical talents, then Aric is the shifter for you!  And when I say magical talents that goes for his gift as well as other things 😉

Rowan is Micah’s sister.  She’s an LAPD cop and was told her brother was dead, so when she gets a tip that he’s missing and is given an address to go investigate, she finds herself in the Alpha Pack compound.  Nick tells her the truth of course, of what they are, what Micah is and what’s happened to him.

They are of course looking for Aric and Micah is believed to be with him.  The rescue happens pretty early on and without a glitch.  But Aric and Micah are not in the best of shapes.  Micah especially since he was experimented on for a long time.  While Rowan is waiting for her brother to wake up from a coma like state, she ends up forming a bond with Aric.  She just happens to have the same gift as Micah and can dreamwalk.  Thinking it was only a dream she has one hot night in Vegas with Aric on top of a pull table. *fans self* and then reality comes crashing down when she realizes that Aric lived through that same dream.

I think their connection was instant, and much like Kira and Jax, they just belong together.  Yes, love at first sight and all that.  Or mating at first sight.  Rowan is the one girl that can make Aric open up.  He has so much bottled up inside.

A few words about Aric and Rowan: HOT, EXPLOSIVE, HOT, POSSESSIVE, HOT, ALMOST ANIMALISTIC, HOT, ALL INSTINCTS.  Just yum.  What? you haven’t read this series yet?  What are you waiting for?!?!?!

Now for the side characters, Kalen… OMG I just cannot wait for his book next, wow, the developments on this one.  And let me reiterate Hammer is MINE.  I love him.  He’s adorable!!!!

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Well, fuck me sideways,” she blurted.

Golden eyes sparkled with humor. “An interesting idea. May I at least have your name first?”

“Where is that motherfucker? I’ll tear his asshole out through his throat and feast on his carcass!”

“Are you calling me a pussy?”

“If the vagina fits.”

“Do it baby, come on my cock.”

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  1. I’m so stupid. I did not realize that this was Jo Davis. I love her firefighter series. Thanks for review. We definitely start reading it.

    Love the lines.